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DACO interferes with western supermarkets selling "rotten" meat

DACO interferes with western supermarkets selling “rotten” meat

Secretary of the Consumer Affairs Department (Dako), Aidan Rivera, confirmed that it intervened with several supermarkets in the Western Region after confirming that they were selling “completely rotten” meat.

“We quickly sent an inspector to verify this information, we quickly contacted the Department of Health, alerted us to the situation, and as soon as we issued the alert, we continued to receive testimonials from other supermarkets that were committing similar violations,” he said. In a Monday radio interview (WKAQ-580AM).

Rivera urged consumers to check packaging and expiration date before buying meat.

“We encourage consumers to double-check each product before purchasing it. Don’t buy meat that emits a pungent odor or has a suspicious color or appearance. If after making a purchase they realize that they purchased a product in poor condition, the store must accept their return and refund any payments they made. The agency also warned on its Facebook account of any violations it identifies.

The agency did not give details of the stores in which it intervened. To report any violation confidentially to DACO, You can access here.

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