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Cuba’s new immigration, foreigners and passport law will bring “many changes”

Pending approval in the National Assembly and in the consultation process, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Minrex) says the migration, aliens and passport law in Cuba will bring “many changes”.

In particular, the Deputy Director General of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Diplomatic Affairs and the Attention of Cubans Living Abroad, Laura Pujol, told journalist Eric Caraballos exclusively. OnCuba“There can be no sense that these laws are going to create a backlash in the relationship with immigration.”

The Ambassador said that the Citizenship Act (since 1947) and Migration Act (since 1976) “will be softened with the new constitution so that it is fully implemented in promulgated laws”.

Likewise, he affirmed that “besides all that has been done, they are going to come to take another step forward in those relations.”

Asked whether the new laws would “respond” to some of the claims of Cuban immigrants regarding the cost of passports or entry restrictions for some, Pujol said the goal was to “advance legislation that takes these demands into account.”

New immigration law in Cuba

In October of last year, Ernesto Soberon had already announced that the next assembly of the Cuban parliament would have to approve “projects for laws related to passports and immigration.”

On that occasion, he said, “The new constitution in effect in Cuba since 2019 allows for dual and more citizenships, but this requires legislation.”

Likewise, Agreed Minrex is “fully aware that one of the outstanding issues is the consular fees related to the extension of the passport and the cost of applying for it.”

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In a recent interview with OnCubaThe Deputy Director General for Consular Affairs announced that “not only the cost of the passport, but also the issue of simplification and streamlining of procedures will be taken into account.”