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Cuban singer-songwriter Carlos Varela gives an unforgettable concert in Madrid

Cuban singer-songwriter Carlos Varela gives an unforgettable concert in Madrid

A word that says nothing, and at the same time hides everything‘, claims one of Carlos Varela’s most popular songs. But their lyrics were said so much in the form of songs last night in Madrid, the crowd couldn’t hide it.

The famous Cuban singer-songwriter touched hundreds of Cuban and Spanish souls during his presentation at Club Lula in the Spanish capital.

Besides the audience’s wide reception, Varela was able to feel “at home” seeing and hearing so many voices united by their own chords. There have been various media reported that run out Cuban in Madrid, rated as a full house.

The author of “Siete”, “Habáname”, “Muros y puertas” or “Como los peces” took the opportunity to pay homage to one of the all-time greats: Pablo Milanés.

The introduction of the Cuban guitarist and poet also generated thousands of interactions in the digital world. There were not a few netizens who followed the concert through social networks.

“Congratulations to our warrior all the time. Lots of health and success to this great heart of a brave Cuban. God bless you, your people love you,” one of the artist’s many followers emotionally expressed on digital platforms.

For his part, Varela himself dedicated, on his social pages, a message to the public shortly after its submission. “Thank you Madrid for so much love and affection! It was a very magical and exciting night. Thanks from the bottom of my heart! “, The artist crossed.

Carlos Varela Poetry and Song …

Carlos Varela has sung practically everything in his prolific music career. This minstrel in black, however, has some kind of elf who turns those “everyone” into hair.

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It can be defined as the voice of several generations that preserve their songs as if they were hymns. To them, Varela, full of ropes, always seems “like an angel” to light up “the old alley without light.”