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Cuban banks offer discounts for online purchases and payments

Cuban banks offer discounts for online purchases and payments

On the first day of December, the authorities of exchange offices (Cadecas) in Cuba announced the extension of discounts on online purchases and payments on the island, in the national currency, through magnetic cards from various Cuban banks. We detail below.

According to the profile Facebook From Cadeca, “If you don’t already know, from December 1 to 31, a 6% electronic payment bonus. Don’t know how to do it? Mobile transfer: Visit the online payment option through QR code. Inzona: Look for the QR scanning option.Point of Sale (POS): Through your magnetic card.

Then they specified from the Metropolitan Bank in Havana the following: “A reward from the Metropolitan Bank during the month of December for the use of electronic payment channels.” It will be 6% until December 31, that is, the entire month of December, for purchases through points of sale, or online payment via QR, Transfermovil or EnZona.

They explained that if you pay using the transfer option, you will not benefit from the rewards offered by the entities.

Discounts in Cuba on online purchases and payments in December

For its part, Bank of Credit and Commerce (Bandec) also announced its discounts in December: “Enjoy the benefits offered by #ElectronicPayments, including the 6️% bonus also available in December.”

Finally, throughout the month of December, the People’s Savings Bank (BPA) is holding a 6% discount on all electronic payments in Cuban pesos. The BPA explained that the promotion applies to payment of goods and services through POS or POS, online payment and QR code from Transfermóvil and Enzona through the option of scanning the QR code.

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The memorandum explained that the promotional offer is valid for any type of institution that makes the sale (state or private), as long as payment is made through the aforementioned channels.