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Cuban Actor Olek Anilo Blows Up Against Diaz-Canel: "I Just Left!"

Cuban Actor Olek Anilo Blows Up Against Diaz-Canel: “I Just Left!”

Cuban actor Olek Anilo blew up against the ruler Miguel Diaz-Canelwho demanded that he leave if he was not able to solve the country’s crisis.

Anello shared a video on his Instagram account, in which he denounced that his children’s food spoiled before The blackout that started on Tuesday night and affects almost the entire country.

“How long will it be disrespecting you, a lot of such and such and such. This system is not working brother it is not working. Quit, go to hell, give it up.”

The actor asserted that he does not care about the consequences of his direct action and that he does not care if the special brigade will look for him to arrest him, but that they will have to kill him or drive him from his place. Country, because he will not be silent.

He emphasized, “You don’t play with my children’s food. I’ll be the little shoe that fucks you in the shoe.”

Olek told the president that if the problem was not resolved he would continue to complain, and that if he didn’t like it he should pay him and all the Cubans who wanted him to leave the country.

“Just leave already!” he asked.

Later, he explained that he had had no electricity in his house for three days, and assured that when his food rotted, he would put it before the State Council.

He emphasized, “He just quit, not even my brother. Go pa’ la pinga. You don’t solve the problem or delay!”

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The representative asked where the millions that had been donated to the Cuban government to repair the now-defunct thermal power plants.

“So much muelita, so much nonsense, and you can’t solve anything. You just left,” he concluded.

Hours earlier, the actor shared a photo with the ferry that hundreds of Cubans have taken to the streets in recent months to demand electricity.

On Tuesday evening, there was a general blackout that left the entire country in the dark, and the government blamed a failure related to worsening weather due to Hurricane Ian.

After more than 40 hours, Service has been restored in some areasBut many others – although they were not affected by the typhoon that only passed through the western region – are still without power and the situation may last several days.

At the beginning of August, it was announced by Oleke Anilo He will no longer be in the police drama “After the Footprint” because he was punished on TV Cuban, after giving an interview to a journalist in Miami and putting a white flower as a profile picture on their social networks.

“Let’s see, for all my followers and those who ask, I am no longer in Tras la Huella because I have been banned, sanctioned, blacklisted, for giving an interview with a journalist in Miami and for including a white flower on my Facebook and Instagram profile,” the actor revealed on his page on Facebook.