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Cruz Azul will take advantage of the option to purchase Ignacio Rivero

Cruz Azul will take advantage of the option to purchase Ignacio Rivero

With two days remaining the regular tour expires Guardians Impatience has become the norm in arcades Blue cross. Six cement manufacturers terminate their contract with the club in June and not much is known about renewing and extending ties.

However, over the weeks, four names topped the club’s priority list: Orbelen Pineda, Jesus Corona, Pablo Aguilar s Nacho Rivero. The first would be to work on leaving after the club did not match an offer from Tigres, who is offering a “sexy” contract for Maguito; The next two continue in “We’ll See”; Rivero will be a lot clearer than the rest.

According to information from journalist Carlos Cordova and reporter Violetta Alpha, the Uruguayan midfielder will continue in the Skywalker ranks for the next match. Cruz Azul will use the purchase option that weighs heavily on Uruguayans, Who came on loan a year ago from the ranks of Xolos de Tijuana.

Tweet from TW Carlos Córdova

In an interview conducted by Alpha Victor Manuel VelasquezChairman of the Supervisory Board of Cruz Azul Cooperative, the issue of renovations has been set aside so as not to “Distracted” To those involved, who risk leading Guardians And continuing as a favorite to stay with the title Liga MX.

However, the manager himself confirmed that they have an interest in staying with Uruguay, who has also expressed on more than one occasion his intention to continue defending the cement shirt.

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