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Crooked and unpunished, so the science tower from the UASLP

Shortly before the University Day celebrations, last September, a thorough investigation was determined in which there are still no results to find out in depth and to determine the responsibilities, for the construction of the Science Tower of the Autonomous University of SLP, Campus Pedregal, due to – structural failures in its construction which forced the closure of the activities The building, under repair, has not affected the university community.

Five months later, there have been no conclusions in this investigation, and repairs have not been completed.

In accessing the right to information, the undergraduate institution has rated Reserved, Opinions Prepared regarding the physical condition of the 14-story tower.

In October last year, during University Faculty Engineering Week, Jorge Alberto Pérez González, former director and current academic secretary of Alejandro Zirminho’s rectory, admitted at the Torre de Ciencias conference: Myths and Realities, that he would be 100 percent ready: it cannot Use of the upper floors is overweight, and some areas will have to be moved to the first.

Perez acknowledged that for more than two decades he was a consultant in the UASLP’s design and construction department, and was familiar with the development of the Science Tower promoted by former university president Manuel Villar Rubio.

He said that in January 2019, no structural faults were discovered in the building which cost 80 million pesos, and that for its repair and strengthening of the structure, it cost UASLP another 20 MDP authorized by the university board.

On September 23 of last year, the rector of the university, Alejandro Zarminho, decided to close the property, after the seismic effects that once again affected the country, and the recommendation of the consulting company Morellian, in which it was proposed to use only the first to fifth levels of the tower.

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“We can have the elements to act, but it is the board of directors who will have to make the decision, and the opinion it has issued will be handed over to the competent authority in the field of the university or the complaint which must also be said.” On those appointments is Anna Puente, Chief Comptroller General of the Union of North and Central American Nations.

The YouTube site on which Perez Gonzalez’s conference was broadcast was not long ago classified as reserved.

Nor has the University Comptroller’s Office issued a ruling on this investigation and the possible perpetrators.