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Criticism of the News on the Migration of Kamala Harris and the Border of Guatemala and Mexico | Solidarity Political News

First First overseas trip From the Vice President Kamala Harris It was marked by criticism from his own Democrats, Republicans, and pro-immigrant Hispanic groups.

Harris traveled to Guatemala and Mexico As part of a commission issued by the President Joe Biden Looking for ways to stop irregular migrations On the southern border between the United States and Mexico This is at a record level: about 178,000 immigrants in April, the highest number in more than two decades.

The visit was marked by his words in Guatemala, where he said: “Don’t come, don’t come” Peoples of the Northern Triangle of Central America (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras) and Mexico “Dangerous journey“The United States.

Since then, Harris has had to answer criticisms and questions about the news, but has had to answer questions as well. About why you haven’t visited the southern border yet.

Harris now tried to defend it Focuses on the “roots” of immigration, An issue that has been a priority with the arrival of immigrants on the southern border since the beginning of the Biden Presidency.

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