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Cristian Cueva to Alianza Lima despite Al-Fateh’s complaint: I review all the setbacks in his career | League 1 2023 | Total Sports

According to the information received, Christian is a free agent. Although it was renewed until 2025, the Peruvian football player is accused that Al-Fateh owes him four months’ salary, which he decided after consultation to set a payment period, and since it was not met, he stopped belonging to the Al-Arabi club. A similar situation lives Alex Valera.

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The soccer player version is just that. But, in which they indicated that the Peruvians were lying, that they were aware of their payments and would initiate legal action against them. A permit that did not go well in the players’ environments.

Meanwhile, Alianza is awaiting the outcome of this story while the signing is closed Andres Andrade, the Colombian who will be the last foreigner to join the two-time champion. already arrived Pablo Sababag and Santiago Garciawho join Hernan Barcos and Gino PeruzziAnd the other two foreigners.

But no matter how the situation is resolved, Christian Cave He is about to live out a new novel in his quest to get out of the club. His record in this kind of situation is not good at all. Next, we review the differences that accompanied the steering wheel.

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Cueva and the instability of his career

It’s no secret that a profession Christian Cave She has been linked to many acts outside the courts. while passing by Saint Martin (2008-2012) He was not oblivious to these. Once he was sent back to the reservation by lying that a relative was unwell, when in fact he had gone home to Trujillo to play pichanga. A thousand soles and oxen were at stake.

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In July 2012, with full participation in the Copa Sudamericana, Cristian Cueva did not renew with San Martin and went to Cesar Vallejo. He did not last long there, as in November he was expelled after he was seen at several football matches, as well as at discos, according to the same team. In his short stride, he has been called out by Sergio Markarian in the playoffs.

After that, he had very short strides with the Spanish-Chilean Federation and Spain’s Rayo Vallecano. In both, he barely participated and did not last more than one season. In mid-2014, Aladdin signed on Lima Alliance, upon his return to the domestic league after two seasons abroad. After going abroad again twelve months later, and having no problems with indiscipline, he had a bad time with the blue and white fans.

After a 4-0 defeat against Huracan at the hands of Libertadores, and indeed with Ricardo Garica as a bicolor trainer, Christian Cueva attacked some fans on the outskirts of Matut. He was accompanied by the leaflet Miguel Araujo. The next day, after another incident, he had to apologize for what happened. After the Copa America, he signed for the Brazilian Sao Paulo, where he showed his best level.

Cristian Cueva played for Alianza Lima between 2014 and 2015.

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In the summer of 2017, Christian Cave In Trujillo’s Victor Larco district, security cameras captured a fight in the middle of a public road. In the pictures it appears that his friends are trying to separate him with an unknown subject. The brawl was on the side of the courtiers. Calm reached the spot to deal with the situation.

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A year later, in January 2018 and already qualified for the World Cup, Christian cave He did not appear in the first training session for Sao Paulo. Our compatriot argued that he had to comply with some advertising obligations, but some people claim to have seen him at some pichangas in Trujillo. This was indeed a common denominator in every problem that was included.

After a few months of no news of indiscipline, things changed after the 2018 World Cup in Russia and Christian Cueva’s news of his off-field actions became a constant. Moreover, he was left on the bench in a friendly match against the United States in October and was blamed for indiscipline. This has always been denied.

Already in 2019, out of a dispute between Krasnodar s saints CFThe Brazilian club suspended him preemptively when a video was released where he was seen in a nightclub late at night. To top it off, he is seen fighting with a fan at the gates of the venue. Cueva did not have a good move in the team led Jorge Sampaoli. It all ended with a problem for FIFA to pass.

In the same year, at off-court events and on vacation, another video was released showing him on a birthday Carlos Zambrano. There you can see a “fun” cave with a few select caves in the cannon party. After the event he was caught urinating in the middle of the street. There were no repercussions against him for being out of competition.

Cristian Cueva didn’t have a good time in 2020. After a confusing pass to Pachucawhere he barely played, amid a dispute between them saints s Krasnodar, the midfielder was left without a team for several weeks. After a long wait, during which he did not train and remained in Lima, an unexpected offer came from him Yeni Malatyaspor, his fifth team in just over two years. A fight with his coach led to his separation from the first team.

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Since 2021 it is in ConquerorWhere he seemed to have found his place in the world. He had continuity, he was likable and his performance just got better. However, it seems that everything is over and he is leaving the club again through the back door.