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Creole flavor in a cup

Creole flavor in a cup

Imagine in a 16oz “bed” glass of mofongo, “bed” kingcrab; Another “bed” of mofongo, a salad, four shrimp, and a chicken or pork skewer.

Looks tempting, doesn’t it? Well, it’s “El Burronazo,” the home specialty of the El Pinchonazo booth, one of the 16 companies set up in food truck park Kairós family La Casa del Chef, located in the car park of Carlos Miguel Mangual Coliseum in Canovanas.

“People love ‘El Burronazo.’ When we have a lot of people coming in from the United States, coming on tour buses or coming off the beach, they’re always on the lookout for it,” said Luz Burgos, Accounting Officer at food truck.

The employee also said diners reflected on their faces satisfaction with eating mofongo served in a glass, “because it’s easier to take away.”

“Difference is what is most sought after, to make a difference between everything else. He emphasized that what you have here you will not find anywhere else.”

But who were the inventors of this culinary invention? Hector Joel Delgado Carracciello, owner of the park and four of the 16 culinary concepts based there, is responsible, along with Chef Glendevith Betancourt, for many of the dishes that surprise visitors.

Glendevith Betancourt (Wanda Lees Vega)

In the kiosk, they also prepare “El Problemático”, the second best-selling specialty. The dish is an adaptation of “El Burronazo,” which doesn’t include shellfish to please allergy-conscious palates. All it takes is chicken.

In addition, they prepare dishes such as “La Bolera”, which is six balls of mofongo, which is a salad accompanied by shrimp, pork or chicken; “El pincho con bolitas,” which are chicken or pork skewers with two balls of mofongo; and “calderitos,” a “bed” of mofongo stuffed with mamposteo rice with shrimp, mojo chicken, or fried meat.

Some of the institutions that are part of Kairós La Casa del Chef are Mariscada, Sushi Cloud, Fresco, and El Boricuazo. The space is characterized by a family atmosphere with games for children, it is also pet friendly, Live Musical Nights with guest Christian artists and selfie photo sites with positive messages.

“You see, it’s a quiet environment, and people spend hours. It’s a Christian environment, and we don’t sell alcohol, people love it.”

The park opened in 2020, and operates Thursday and Friday from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm To order, you can call 939-492-0245.

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