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Crazy sunday!  Honduras has a tight schedule before facing Mexico in the Azteca Diez

Crazy sunday! Honduras has a tight schedule before facing Mexico in the Azteca Diez

Today ‘D’ has arrived for the Honduran national football team in Mexico. Today the duel against El Tri at Azteca Stadium will begin at 5:00 PM, Catracha time (6:00 PM MX), but before the match, Bicolor will have to stick to a very tight schedule.

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The clamor will start too early for H, as planned by the coaching staff. La Bicolor will have breakfast at the Cuernavaca Concentration Hotel and then start his trip to Mexico City. The scheduled time to board Bicolor by bus to the Aztec capital is 9:45 (local time).

The Catracho team will have to make the road trip to Mexico City for at least 1 hour and 20 minutes in the absence of heavy traffic, but it certainly won’t be a problem, as it’s Sunday and the flow of vehicles is less.

Once in the Mexican capital, the national team will settle in a hotel in that city, they will have their lunch, they will rest, there will certainly be a technical conversation, after which they will leave for Azteca Stadium, where they expect to arrive about two hours before the game.

The duel between Honduras and Mexico has been scheduled for 5:00 p.m. El Catracha time (6:00 p.m. Mexico time).

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The post-match schedule for the Honduran national team includes: rest in Mexico City, do recovery work at the hotel on Monday, and board a charter flight to San Pedro Sula in the afternoon to prepare for the match. Next Wednesday in Olympic time against Jamaica.

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