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COVID-19 outbreak detected at Prius Medical School after a student party

COVID-19 outbreak detected at Prius Medical School after a student party

So far, thirty asymptomatic cases have been detected, but the URV has decided not to give face-to-face lessons until December 12

The URV College of Medicine and Health Sciences in Reus has stopped giving face-to-face classes and has canceled health practices for students. The reason is the outbreak of Covid-19 disease that was discovered among the students and was the source of it at the party.

The student party was held on November 25. Later, one of the attendees showed symptoms of the disease despite being vaccinated for the disease, and he alerted the officials of the university center.

In the examination after the procedure for all students began, 22 positives have been detected so far, all of them have been vaccinated, but they are all asymptomatic. There are also about seventy close contacts who are being monitored.

As a precaution in the face of the consequences, URV directors have decided to stop face-to-face lessons and practices of college students at health centers. Classes will now be offered online until December 12, when it will be assessed whether the situation allows the college to reopen or whether it still needs to be closed.

However, tests scheduled for the next few weeks will continue face-to-face for students who have not tested positive.

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