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Covid-19: Los Angeles decides again mandatory mask due to increase in infections |  Society

Covid-19: Los Angeles decides again mandatory mask due to increase in infections | Society

A health assistant conducts a COVID-19 test in Los Angeles on Wednesday.Mario Tama / Agence France-Presse

boycott Angels, the most populous in the entire United States, will require a mask indoors again from midnight this Saturday and regardless of whether or not they have been vaccinated in covid-19. The measure was announced Thursday morning by city authorities in light of the unstoppable progress of the coronavirus, in particular delta variable. The decision was announced as a proposal two weeks ago But it is now mandatory, after six days during which more than 1,000 new cases are reported daily, something that has not happened since March. “This is the time for all of us to get down to business. We have significant levels of community transmission,” said Monto Davis, the physician in charge of managing the city of 10 million.

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Davis reported 1,537 new cases Thursday. The positivity rate in tests also increased from 2.3% last week to 3.2%. This new data is forcing a major California city to raise its alert level, a state that’s barely A month ago she had decreed to reopen بإعادة Depending on the level of vaccination and the completion of some procedures, including the internal mask. “We are not at the same time as June 15. Today we have more than 1,500 cases, so we need a different procedure,” the doctor said.

99% of new cases occurred in patients who were not vaccinated. One of the most worrying indicators for the authorities is the vaccination rate, as it remains stagnant. About 51,000 vaccines are taken each day, one of the lowest rates since seen. 59% of California’s population, about 23.3 million people, have had at least one dose of the vaccine. 51% already have both.

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In this way, Los Angeles becomes the third county to roll back the measure announced in mid-June. In recent days, Yolo and Sacramento, in northern California, have adopted similar measures in the face of the advance of the delta variable, which is already becoming prevalent in the United States. At a news conference, Davis said the mandatory nature of the masks would be in place “until results start to come in.” The doctor did not rule out taking more stringent measures if the situation worsened.

California is experiencing a recovery that is already affecting other entities in the country. Orange, San Diego and San Bernardino counties are on alert because they have seen a steady increase in cases for seven days. Orange, for example, has gone from an average of 48 cases per day to one in 150. The CDC sees these areas experiencing a “significant” level of community transmission, the second of four that includes an office headed by Anthony Fauci. The country recorded a 175% rise in infections last week compared to the week before. Davis asked those who were not vaccinated not to travel to Nevada, Florida, Arkansas, Missouri and Louisiana due to high infection levels.

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