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Costa Rica and Panama agree to transfer migrants to Nicaragua

Costa Rica and Panama agree to transfer migrants to Nicaragua

The presidents of Costa Rica and Panama agreed on Friday to provide 200 buses that will be used to transport migrants arriving through Panama’s Darien Forest to the border with Nicaragua in Peñas Blancas.

According to Rodrigo Chavez, President of Costa Rica, reported by La Nacion newspaper, the migrants will be placed in the units that will be in the Temporary Care Center for Migrants (Catem), in the border region of Costa Rica and will be transferred to Peñas White.

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The authorities intend to transport about 2,000 or 3,000 people daily using this transportation system, and the new procedure will begin on Monday.

Migrant data monitoring

To facilitate the transfer of migrants, the authorities have agreed to use verification of migrants’ data, which will be taken in Panama.

In addition, foreign nationals will be transported directly to Costa Rica without going through the Paso Canoas immigration area.

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“The idea is that they last a minimum amount of time. What does that mean? First, they will not leave Katim, and the new ones will not leave. There will be a quick assessment of the lists that Panama and Costa Rica will exchange. “Get on the new bus, pay, and God be with you,” the President of Costa Rica explained. On your way north.”

The cost of the trip will be $40

According to President Chavez, a ticket from Katim to Peñas Blancas costs $40, and in the case of migrants who cannot afford it, public resources and the assistance of the international community will be used.

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The cost of transporting migrants annually ranges between 4 million and 5 million dollars.

The presidents of Costa Rica and Panama will seek to sit down with all countries in the region that receive migrant flows to discuss logistical and financial matters.

They will check the migrants’ profile

For his part, Panamanian President Laurentino Cortizo confirmed that they hope to transfer 100% of the migrants entering the country, unless a health emergency occurs.

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Through this procedure, they hope to help migrants in less inhumane situations. He confirmed that they already have 100 buses available to start the transportation process.

The President stressed that the transport units will have international insurance and will verify the personal file of each of the migrants. “The buses have been pre-verified, the driver has been pre-verified. It’s a well-organized process,” Cortizo said.