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Cosmic Stories: Cosmic Effects of Technological Civilizations - Science - Life

Cosmic Stories: Cosmic Effects of Technological Civilizations – Science – Life

use of technology It has affected us greatly throughout human history. Significant advances in applied science, which are indispensable today The course of modern societyThey also bring us closer to exploring the universe we live in like never before, and they are our main allies in answering many of the questions that have haunted us for thousands of years.

Without this technology, we wouldn’t be able to shorten our distance from The day we discover extraterrestrial life. In recent years, we’ve seen success in the search for exoplanets, now over 5,000, and the arrival of instruments capable of detecting the elements that make up some of those atmospheres. newly, The JWST telescope detected carbon dioxide on the exoplanet WASP-39, 700 light-years from our home.while a study was published that revealed the existence of a large number of exoplanets made up of water.

Now, finding the signs of life is one thing, and another thing is for that life to be intelligent and technologically advanced.

Find such life-related material which is often called vital signsis to reach the point A turning point in exoplanet scienceThese resolute steps are necessary to establish in the future, and hopefully in the near future, conclusive evidence that we are not alone in the universe.

Now, one thing is finding the signs of life, and another thing is that this life is intelligent and technologically advanced. Divergence, as in our family album, may represent billions of years of evolution. This amount of time was necessary for life on Earth to be able to create technology to illuminate the night hemisphere of the planet with artificial light, develop industrial processes that leave traces in the atmosphere, create satellite infrastructure and Space exploration missions emit and receive countless signals that we use to communicate Every day, among other technological footprints.

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(In other news: Solar wind: what is this phenomenon and how can it affect the Earth?).

The developments we experience will, in turn, allow us to do so Search for technical fingerprints, or evidence of the use of technologies and industrial activities in other parts of the universe. Our technology to discover extraterrestrial technology.

You don’t necessarily have to explore deep space, with the intention of looking for those Cosmic footprints born by potentially alien civilizations within the borders of the galaxy. Some suggest that we can find traces of it in our closest environment, in the Solar System; for example, Remnants of ancient probes sent by the inhabitants of another world arrived in these parts. The possibility of searching for extraterrestrial technical fingerprints on the moon, on the ocean floors of the Earth, and searching for potential debris from space technology is even being considered.

A recent study claims that some meteorites that fall to Earth, which contain exotic minerals such as berzenite and jadeite, whose production is very complex and does not occur naturally, They could be part of the wreckage of space technology, abandoned technology.

Although these new methods are exciting, the subject must be approached carefully, so as not to fall into typical fairy tales that, in fact, negatively affect real scientific research in the field.

Santiago Vargas
PhD in Astrophysics Astronomical Observatory of the National University

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