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Participación Corpas LABFARVE - Semana de la Salud y Bienestar Universidad de América

Corpas and LABFARVE Join University of America Health and Wellness Week

The participation of these institutional representatives was made possible thanks to the joint agreement between the Joan en Corpus University Foundation and the University of America, signed on April 29. Its purpose is to strengthen strategic alliances between the two institutions within the framework of the establishment of the School of Social Innovation, to seek to generate teacher exchange programs, to activate joint research and publications, as well as to design initiatives that promote internationalization projects.University.

The achievement of Health and Wellbeing Week was supported by ECO-Corpistas Gradients®, the Department of Administrative Services at the Joan en Corpus University Foundation, and the Department of Communications at American University.

For the Juan N. Corpas University Foundation, in celebration of 50 years of its history and obtaining high-quality institutional accreditation, it is important to continue to strengthen our alliances and agreements with our sister institutions.

#LaCorpasInspira to work together for better higher education.

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