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Consuelo Duval recalls how she met Luciro Mijares: "She's rude, rude, rude."

Consuelo Duval recalls how she met Luciro Mijares: “She’s rude, rude, rude.”

Fun Consuelo Duval made a painful revelation to Manuel Megaris About Dear Lucerito. During a member’s last conversation Divine Network With the singer, admit how Lucero’s daughter’s first words He announced when he first met her.

During a concert given by Micharis himself, the encounter took place between the two, and thus Duval recalled the experience:

“She’s rude, rude, rude,” the comedian and actress said of Lucerito when she spoke to her father. Referring to Mexico’s National Auditorium, he said, “I met her in the ballroom, exactly when I went to see you and she said, ‘Are you Mrs. B. Lush? How bad you look without make-up!”

Consuelo Duval / Instagram

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His partner, Isabel Lascuraine, came out to defend her friend and confirmed that Lucerito Mijares had always been like this, up front: “She is straight. Now she was born that way, from a young age she was impudent. Bim a little…”

Lucero and Megares made history by broadcasting an intimate concert last May and in the most intimate moment without a doubt, Their children Lucerto and Jose Manuel sang with them his famous song Loving privilege.

“We couldn’t choose another song to share with you. Suspenseful, touching, and above all, with a wonderful message of family unity, respect, admiration and a lot of love. Thank you for giving us such a magical and special night,” the singer wrote on his Instagram.

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