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Complete beach experience at Puriʾs Tiki Bar, in Arroyo

Complete beach experience at Puriʾs Tiki Bar, in Arroyo

Cooking was one of the passions of Ángel “Puri” Alicea, who in 2017 rode the entrepreneurial wave and decided to open a beach-style dining space with a relaxed atmosphere called Puriʾs Tiki Bar, in Arroyo.

Located in front of the sea, in Punta Guilarte Vacation Center, the place combines a menu specializing in drinks and snacks with the cool breeze that is usually enjoyed there.

“Our focus is on a family business. We are a restaurant that offers a beach experience and many activities for everyone to enjoy. We try to find a way to satisfy all types of audience, which is why we have such a diverse menu,” said the merchant, who has embarked on a business adventure with his wife, Arlene Colón.

The place serves Mexican food, pizza, hamburgers, and various “snack and share” trays. “Our specialty is assorted trays for picadera. We have the Boricua assortment which contains two types of meat and two attachments; Among the meats there are wings, chicharrones or stir-fries with the complements we have corn sorrolos, “home made” mini cakes, yuquitas, tostones and potatoes. We also have the Carnivore variety, which is a series of meats that we throw in there for you with a single complement, and the Tiki range, which I would say is absolutely “awesome,” since it has mozzarella, and cordon bleu, among other things,” said businessman Arroyano. .

Puri’s wings are one of the most popular local offerings, especially since they joined “Khamis’s Wings”. “You have to try the Puri wings, they are not breaded and come in 6, 8 with complement, 12 and 24. The wings are crazy on Thursdays because you get 3 wings for $1, but if there are 9 wings you have to buy a complement of your choice,” explained the merchant.

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Pictured is a coconut mojito and another stick, two of the house drinks. (Wanda Liz Vega)

“We just launched a chicken sausage hamburger and pork sausage, which sell very well. We have a Mexican one with burritos and quesadillas and our cute little heaven, which was the first dish we included because we took it to all the activities we did and people loved it, so they told us to include it on the menu.” When we had a restaurant.

For drinks, Puris Tiki Bar offers craft beers and a variety of mojitos, in flavors like coconut, passion fruit, and classic. Plus, they have a small “amazingly priced” wine list. “We have live music every Tuesday because the bands come to rehearse one or two songs, they perform their full set and the crowd enjoys it. The bands come from different places, the soloists and vocalists also come. On Thursdays we have karaoke and people come to rehearse karaoke on Saturdays. We have a live band on Fridays at 8:30 p.m.,” Alicia explained. “Saturday is a very special day here because it picks you up and you don’t want to leave, and it’s a good time with karaoke. And on Sundays we have tropical and typical music, something softer and we start that day at 6:30pm…”, added the owner of the venue, which is open daily.