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Combined UPV/EHU among the best in the world

Bilbao – UPV/EHU remains among the top 400 universities in the world, according to the 2021 Shanghai ranking. In the state, there are only twelve centers in the top 500, lower than in 2020. Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), commonly known as the Ranking Shanghai and the most famous worldwide, it has been implemented since 2003 and is updated every year by Jiao Tong University. The campuses are arranged one by one until the number one hundred and from there they do it by blocks.

UPV/EHU entered the top 500 universities in the world in this ranking nine years ago, and last year it was among the top 400. There are only eight public universities in that group. In terms of majors, the UPV/EHU in this edition is among the top 150 in three majors: Metallurgical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Chemistry. It is among the top 200 companies in three: food science and technology, materials science and engineering, and nanoscience and nanotechnology.

Besides these outstanding majors, he also holds good positions in Environmental Science and Engineering, Energy Science and Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Agricultural Sciences, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Education (among top 300 universities in the world). In electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, biological sciences, public health, and political science, it is among the top 400, and in computer science and engineering, earth sciences, environment, biomedical sciences, and management management, it is among the top 500.

Basque State University President Eva Ferreira noted that this ranking is a “highly demanding” assessment that analyzes more than 20,000 universities around the world, and that staying among the top 400 is “a closely related success” provided by “greater visibility and an excellent reputation internationally”. This year, Harvard University topped the global list for the 19th consecutive year, followed by Cambridge, MIT, Berkeley, Princeton, Oxford, Columbia, Caltech and Chicago. Within Europe, the University of Paris-Sclay is ranked first and second to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

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