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Colombia and Ecuador: the best data from the Copa America 2021 match and the national team |  Statistics |  America's Cup 2021

Colombia: Possible opponents and venues for the 2020 Copa America quarter-finals | America’s Cup 2021

The Colombian national team has already turned the page on the bitter defeat against Brazil and is now concentrating on the duel in the quarter-finals while waiting to face its opponent.

Having finished their four matches in Group B, the team led by Reinaldo Rueda is counting on the deadline and will rely on the results of the day to know their opponent and also where the next stage match will be.

Thus, the three-color jigsaw is as follows. Currently, Colombia is second in the group with four points, but at the end of the last day it will move to third or fourth place depending on the results. Second place will go to the main winner Peru (4 points) against Venezuela (2 points), or Ecuador if they defeat Brazil. In addition, if there is a tie between the Venezuelans and the Peruvians, it will be the Inca team that will maintain this position.

Given the third place Colombia is likely to occupy, the team will face Paraguay, who are currently second in the group with 6 points, Uruguay, or at worst, Argentina. Chile, already seeded, is not a potential contender after staying in third place and playing all matches. Will rest on the last date.

Regarding places, the displacement of Colombia will depend exclusively on the results and location in the group. If he is in the third square, the match will be in Brasilia at 5 pm, but if he goes to the last place in his group, the duel will be played at 8 pm in Goiania.

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