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Colombia national under-17 team in the World Cup India: analysis of the Tanzania-International Soccer match - Sports

Colombia national under-17 team in the World Cup India: analysis of the Tanzania-International Soccer match – Sports

The Colombian women’s team has already reached the quarter-finals of the FIFA U-17 World Cup and is not satisfiedHe is not satisfied, he is hungrier, he has a crushing mindset, he has ambition, he has dreams, and despite the accumulated fatigue and evident in exhausted bodies, the team still has the strength to fight new battles, like the ones to come. On Saturday against Tanzania in the quarter-finals.

What Colombia did is historic. For the first time a women’s under-17 team has reached these states in the World Cup, which is fantastic and heroic, and also advanced to first place in the group with 6 points, this is also commendable, but it is not enough. Not for this brave team that makes football a mixture of dancing and fighting, that plays with joy and optimism. This Colombia knows no barriers.

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Unpredictable team

On his first tour he left clues, such as It is a team that knows how to face the most negative challengesHow to face Spain despite the defeat. How do they get over those initial stumbles and get up to express their best in football against China, beat them, how to use all their effectiveness to solve a tough and tough match against Mexico, beat them 2-1.

This Colombia is exciting because of that, because it’s so unpredictable, because it’s a team full of talent, capable of thriving when the game demands it. Or if not, let Juana Ortegon say it, who invented a great goal yesterday when it seemed less likely, and would not have been likely to find such a shooting angle and take such a shot over the goalkeeper.

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“I do not believe that”She said at the end of the match, in disbelief what her leg had created.

Then he said with certainty: “We are warriors, we are brave, we are not afraid of anything, we are a group and we run like never before, we sweat like never before, we love representing our country”He said, and his words seemed to carry the sweat their bodies promised in every match.

or say so Linda Kaisedouwhich is already an approved hallmark of this team, a potential rift that everyone looks on with curiosity, like someone going into a magical act to see the new trick coming out of the hat.

Yesterday, when they nullified her the most, when the Mexicans were watching her until her thought, she pulled out her subtle trick to take advantage of a moment of concern for the competitors and surprise them all, with a superb goal.

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Linda looks at Tanzania


Colombian Football Federation

Linda has 3 goals in the World Cup in Indiaso her goals and her game speak for her, though she also does, and she speaks harshly: “A great match, she was running and scoring, we went out to win, we made it and we went on with this beautiful World Cup.. “We are all exhausted, but with the joy that gives us the ability On winning, we have to recover and think about the quarters,” she said yesterday, still tired after her marathon match, in comments to Win Sports.

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Linda says they are exhausted and nothing less, the demand for these three toys has been total. There were injuries, injuries, fatigue and fear, like the one Linda suffered after the first match. Now they will have a few days to regain their energy, take new breaths, rejuvenate their minds and muscles, prepare new tricks and tactics and the ones that just happen in their heads, Linda, this amazing player, is out on Saturday to look for the stake to the semi-finals.

Tanzania is not a power, but in this World Cup, and especially in this category, nobody wins by name or naming. Physically, athletic and strong, as their pedigree dictates, Tanzania, an African team, qualified for second place in Group D, behind Japan with whom they lost 4-0 on the first day. Tanzania recovered and won the main match against France, which gave them half a ticket to the quarter-finals, yesterday they tied with Canada, 1-1 to certify their classification. Now it will be Colombia’s opponent.

The Colombian national team is excited, celebrating this classification to the quarter-finals to the rhythm of cumbia, and its six points are a tangible demonstration of its warrior struggle.

On Saturday they will come out with the stable flag in their hands, clinching another win, a win that will take them to the semi-finals. The coach vehemently declared this: “We will not settle, we will go out for more!”

Paul Romero
Time Editor

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