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Colbros Announces The Economist Of The Year 2022

Colbros Announces The Economist Of The Year 2022

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“Within the framework of The Economist Week, it is a great honor to present the award to renowned economics professionals. He announced on his social media, that we recognize the importance of academic capabilities and expertise and their role in the economic and social realities of this year 2022.

general economic: Luz Maria Serpas de Portillo. Researcher at the Salvadoran Foundation for Social Development (FUSADES) where it has comprehensive economic analysis reports on the Salvadoran financial system, various state budget laws, and legal reforms (such as the AFI law); Among many other reports.

Economist: Jose Luis Magana. Economist from the University of Central America “José Simón Cañas” (UCA), specialist in State, Government and Democracy from the Latin American Council for Social Sciences (CLACSO). He has worked on accompanying social organizations and publications on issues of social and solidarity economy, food sovereignty, tax justice, monetary schemes, investment and trade. Currently, Research and Advocacy Coordinator at Panorama Economico.

Distinguished Economist: Tatiana Marukin. She is a leading economist on fiscal and macroeconomic issues in El Salvador, and is part of the new generations of professionals in this field.

I worked in a private remittance company, in an independent company where I worked as a technical analyst of credit risk for the financial system. In addition, she was technical in finance and treasury in the legislature.

Tatiana Marukin | Photo: Archive

Economist: Rommel Rodriguez. Coordinator of the Macroeconomic and Development District at the National Development Corporation (FUNDE).

Distinguished in Economic Sciences: Jacqueline Lisette Munoz. Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from ESI School of Management, and completed complementary studies at INCAE Costa Rica; He has completed a graduate degree in Finance from José Simeon Cañas University of Central America (UCA).

She has 17 years of experience in banking. Being the last nine years at Bancovi, she currently holds the position of General Manager, being the only woman nationally responsible for a cooperative banking institution to exercise this position, having experience as a business manager, agency manager, marketing manager and client customer service among others. She is currently the Director of the Foundation for Training and Consulting in Microfinance (FUNDAMICRO) and an alternate member of the Liquidity Reserve Monitoring Committee of the Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador (BCR).

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