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Jóvenes COBAEM ganan pase para encuentro internacional de ciencias en Colombia

COBAEM youth win a pass to attend an international science meeting in Colombia

Posted on Dec 17, 2021 13:21:06 Author’s Drafting / Ninety Degrees

Morelia, Michoacan; December 17, 2021. – The Director General of the Colegio de Bachilleres del Estado de Michoacán, Tere Mora Covarrubias, congratulated the young talents of the Zamora campus: Saulo Samuel Rodríguez Garibay, Josué Castro Méndez and Anngel Eduardo Inocencio Garibay, who have received permission to attend the 2022 International Meeting of the Colombia Seedlings Research Project. low cost”.

Saulo Samuel Rodríguez explained that they took third international place at the “Invention Convention” event, and first place in Expociencias Cobaem, which was mentioned at Expociencias Nacional Michoacán and with it they received accreditation for “Expociencias Nacional Durango” where they were awarded a place out of 500 projects to participate at the aforementioned international meeting.

For his part, Angel Eduardo Garibai explained that the “low-cost sweepers” project began in 2018 when they were given a group to participate in the launch of small satellites or sweepers, which are models made by NASA to produce satellites and an idea. The development of the project arose when they wanted to replicate the collection that had been donated to them, they realized the high cost of the materials, so they took on the task of conducting research that would lead them to find supplies that would allow them the same results but at a lower cost.

In this regard, the Director-General thanked all the support provided by the body of teachers involved in this process to encourage them to continue in this effort which will lead them to compete with the leading teams in exact sciences from other countries and invite more young people. So they are interested and involved in all these programs and competitions, as COBAEM has proven to be a hotbed of leaders.

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