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CNN+ will close at the end of April

CNN+ will close at the end of April

New York (CNN Business) – CNN+, the streaming service touted as one of the most significant developments in CNN history, will be shutting down on April 30, just a month after its launch.

The decision was made by the new management after CNN’s former parent company, WarnerMedia, merged with Discovery to form Warner Bros. Discovery.

David Zaslav, CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, he wants to combine all of the company’s brands into one streaming service. Certain CNN+ programs may continue that service.

Hundreds of CNN+ employees were notified of the decision at a meeting Thursday noon.

Earlier in the day, CNN’s new CEO, Chris Licht, met with Andrew Morse, the executive vice president who oversees CNN+, and senior executives, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Morse, who has advocated for the streaming service, will leave the company after a transition period.

The decision to shut down CNN+ a few weeks after its launch marked a horrific end to the streaming news service. Executives described the app as the biggest launch since Ted Turner founded CNN in 1980.

CNN has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the new streaming app and has attracted top talent from other networks, including NBC’s Kasie Hunt and Fox News’ Chris Wallace.

The streaming service offered hours of daily live programming and weekly shows.

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