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Clínica Bíblica opens the Center for Innovation in the Life Sciences

Clínica Bíblica opens the Center for Innovation in the Life Sciences

National or international entrepreneurs will find a space in which they can receive a series of tools to position their projects

Hospital Clínica Bíblica is managed by the Association of Medical Services of Costa Rica (ASEMECO), a non-profit organization that dedicates its reserves to social work programmes.

As of today, Costa Rica has become the first country in the region to have a center for innovation in the life sciences. Clínica Bíblica wishes to foster a biomedical and technological revolution.

The Center for Life Science Innovation (Life Science Center for Innovation) of Clínica Bíblica will serve as an incubator and accelerator for biotechnology projects as well as an OAC for clinical research, with high-impact, high-range solutions for local and global realities.

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The goal of this initiative is that ideas or projects related to disruptive technologies such as biotechnology, artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing, the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), sensors and drones can be taken from paper to reality. “We believe that a platform like hospital can support the unfulfilled needs of the nation’s health startup ecosystem”; José Enrique Camacho Mora, a physician at Clinica Publica Hospital, home of research and education, and current director of the center, said.

The benefits offered by biomedical research in Costa Rica include the development of new medical knowledge, as well as better and more advanced forms of health promotion. Health begins with discoveries, however, that cannot be effective if they are not marketed and made available to patients.

“The Center for Life Sciences Innovation is an open ecosystem for innovation. We invite the entire health sector to join this center, in order to train change agents from training to professional practice”; Camacho added.

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Once the idea is revealed, the Center for Life Sciences Innovation is committed to providing all support and guidance, collaborating with a full team of highly trained professionals who are part of Clínica Bíblica.

Clínica Bíblica provides a series of tools such as methodologies, to navigate everything that is an innovation process to validate an idea or concept and provide a desirable value proposition and that everything is accompanied by scalable business models.

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“Our commitment is to provide this support for the emergence of innovative ideas, their transformation into projects, and for their realization, validation; this is how it accompanies and guides from its inception and initiation of work. In addition, work will be done to define and standardize the product or service derived from its study and practice. Experimental “; Camacho explained.

They have the potential to take ideas to the center of innovation in the life sciences, undertakings that require an incubation or acceleration process, from the real stage where they are; So do people who just have an idea and want to share it and turn it into a solution.

Consolidated organizations in the field of life sciences can also participate in this new initiative of Clínica Bíblica, unique in the country and the region, with the goal of uniting efforts and providing strong sources of capital for national talent.

“The only requirement is that the focus of the ideas be directed towards the life sciences, so that these projects can be put into a position of success. We want the ideas to come true”; Camacho confirms.

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For more information about the Center for Innovation in the Life Sciences and inquiries, you can contact Dr. Jose

Enrique Camacho, send an email to [email protected]. You can also call 2522-1000, extension 552.