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Claudia Lopez, one of the 100 most powerful women in Colombia, according to Forbes magazine

As it does every year, in May Forbes magazine presents its list of the most powerful women in Colombia. In the 2023 edition, it’s our turn Mayor Claudia Lopez Which entered into a measurement arrangement that analyzes factors related to energy management such as: hard power, which refers to the resources you manage; The influence or number of people you lead in your various spheres of influence.

Also, dynamic power which refers to their creative influence, and of course, dynamic power which means they use their powers to transform the environments in which they move.

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Bogota’s president appeared in the annual ranking along with other female personalities such as Vice President Francia MarquezSandra Hinestroza, General Manager, HP for Columbia, Liliana Restrepo serving in the position Frisbee manager He is also one of its founders.

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On the other hand, there is also the famous chef Leonor EspinosaShakira Carol J Sofia Vergara, Beatriz Davila of Santo Domingo, businesswoman and philanthropist. But for other women who have dedicated themselves to politics or government, there is also a place.

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After the boss of Bogota, they also appeared, Laura Sarabia, current Chief of Staff President Gustavo Pietro, Margarita Cabello, Attorney General, Diana Fajardo, President of the Constitutional Court, Irene Vélez, Minister for Mines and Energy. Among other things.

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the mayor, according to the magazine. Observed for:

“She is the first woman to reach the position of Mayor of Bogota. Just under a year after the end of her term, she faced important challenges, including progress on the Bogotá metro. She has been a supporter of the responsible Chinese alliance from building it in compliance with the agreements that were put into operation. Likewise, A new agreement has been reached in the amount of 180 million dollars that will be allocated to the second line of the subway, as it has the support of the government.

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