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Clarissa Molina responde a Magali Febles y confiesa que lo vivido en Miss RD fue una “pesadilla”

Clarissa Molina responds to Magali Febles and admits that what she experienced at Miss RD was a ‘nightmare’

Interviewer and actress Clarissa Molina responded to Magali Phyblis’ statements and called them False slanders.

The Dominican said that what she experienced in the Miss Dominican Republic 2015 contest, It was a nightmare

“You know I first went to Nuestra Belleza Latina 2015, not Miss Dominican Republic. After 2015 when I didn’t win, I launched myself into MissRD with a dream of representing the country and from the dream the process became a nightmare. You can’t imagine what I lived there.”Molina said in a 9-minute Facebook video.

The actress also indicated that Miss Dominican Republic’s manager, Magali Phiplis, did not fulfill what was stated in the contract She had to go to her family To pay for everything they can.

“I went to my family because of The way Magali Phiplis likes to ask for help, Well, I wouldn’t put my values ​​and principles out there (…) that wasn’t what my parents taught me and I consider myself a very loyal person for who I am,” he said.

The former beauty queen explained that she realized this when she spoke to her family There was a breach of contract by Febles So the contract is void.

He added that despite the contract has no legal validity, She asked him for permission to enter Nuestra Belleza Latina (NBL).

Molina confirmed that he won the Univision competition with audience votes “that are neither bought nor sold,” as Phyllis alluded to in his statements.

The model made it clear that she doesn’t owe Febles anything and confirmed that she’s not “looking for the voice” with this. As a result of her beauty contest experiences, Clarissa said she will open a foundation to help girls who want to enter the world of entertainment.”To live a clean and honest process Do not test what you have experienced and what others have experienced.”

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It is reported that Phyllis accused Clarissa Molina deber 30% of funds from (NBL) He claimed that he helped her win the competition.

According to Felice, the reporter from “El gordo y la flaca” she signed a contract and violated it, so she will take action on the matter.

The former Miss Puerto Rico manager also said that by the time Molina won the contest, she had to go back to the country and crown the next winner and give her permission to stay in the NBL, which is why the model was supposed to pay her a commission out of the 30% that wasn’t paid.

“I paid a lot of money for her to competeShe also participated in the Nuestra Belleza Latina (VIP) because she wasn’t the one to win,” Phyllis said during a live broadcast on her Instagram account.

He added that “only dancing and moving the cuckoo is not a talent” and that Mexican Satara Qahtibi would win.