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Clara Xia puts an end to it, after her recent photos with Gerard Pique

Clara Shea He could no longer handle the pressure and that was what he had shown in the past few hours. Pictures recently appeared where the catalan is supposedly Left to be seen at the family mansion in Esplugues, near Barcelona, ​​where Shakira and Pique and their two children, Sasha and Milan, spent a lot of time together.. Some photos that would not have gone down well with the current couple Gerrard Pique This caused him to decide to shut down his Instagram again.

The photos in question are from last weekend, when Clara Xia went out to party in Barcelona with her friends While the former Barcelona player was in Miami visiting his children Milan and Sasha. Clara Xia has received harsh criticism for allegedly entering Shakira’s old house. Although there have been many media outlets suggesting that the young woman has taken a huge burden off her shoulders over Shakira’s departure to Miami, which has generated some media attention, the truth is that she doesn’t seem to want to star in any news. And He preferred to close his Instagram account in the face of leaks.Vanitatis confirms.

He has already closed his Instagram before

This is not the first time that Clara Chía has closed her Instagram account, because he also did it when the bombshell became known about his love affair with Gerard Pique. Since this isn’t the first time he’s fled the digital scenes, more than one person is speculating that he’ll reactivate his profile soon. Social networking sites do not agree that the Catalan decision was due to the pictures, It is even claimed that these contents were not linked to Instagrambut with the tourists who captured the couple.

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