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Cimarrones offers Expansión membership certificate for sale

Cimarrones offers Expansión membership certificate for sale

after Half the time It will be revealed eventually Jaguares de Chiapas debut in the expansion league, Juan Pablo Rojopresident MaroonThey announced that they had put the membership certificate of the aforementioned department up for sale, in order to put an end to the growing wave of rumors.

“For various reasons, we find ourselves in need Putting the membership certificate up for sale Corresponding to the Expansion League. This is a process that includes different stages. I inform you that as of today This process is progressing sufficiently“Reads a statement shared on social networks.

Add that The franchise will remain in Sonora Waiting to reinvent himself and develop, though only in the Premier League and the third professional division.

“Although we have mixed feelings about this decision, we are confident that this will allow us to focus our efforts on one of our greatest strengths, which is… Identify and train players We therefore continue to be one of the most important quarries in this country as we have been in recent years.

Will Cimarrones become Jaguars?

In the various versions that have appeared in recent weeks this has been mentioned The Cimarrones would become the JaguarsThis is information that Rojo has not confirmed, except for the ongoing negotiations for his place in the Silver Division of Mexican football.

There have been elements that have passed through the ranks of this club that has not only catapulted them to the first division, but also They even went to Europe Such as cases Johan Vázquez, Cesar Montes, Jesús Alcantar or Alan Montes.

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