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CICY Announces Call for Young Talents in Science - Yucatan Now

CICY Announces Call for Young Talents in Science – Yucatan Now

For the tenth year in a row, the Center for Scientific Research in Yucatan AC (CICY) has issued a call for middle and high school students seeking to encourage young people seeking a scientific vision and training through the CICY 2022 talent project.

Julio César Domínguez Orta, general coordinator of the CICY Talent project, said that in 2021 there were just over 1,180 students who registered and participated in the
25 science projects that will be part of the program to advance scientific careers being developed at CICY.

He noted that the invitation will be open until June 30, and all high school and high school students who want to participate in the virtual way will be able to participate, not only from Yucatan, but from all over the country.

The stimulus course will be from August 15-26 and among the topics they will learn are: traditional medicine, environmental services for trees, renewable energy, plant dyes, millipona bees, DNA, the impact of urban growth, biopolymers, artificial intelligence, agriculture from microorganisms and zooplankton , among other topics.

He explained that the aim of this program is to introduce the youth of Yucatan and other entities in the country to science, technology and humanities as alternatives to professional careers and the role that science plays as an engine for the development of their society. .

He commented that in 2022, participants will be able to implement one of 25 science projects designed by CICY faculty. It seeks to provide a vision for the activities and projects undertaken by scholars who develop proposals and research in this institution and thus identify the ideas, contributions and creativity of young people.

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In addition to scientific projects, CICY Talent includes an inaugural conference for the dissemination of science, training in research topics through workshops with experts in various fields of knowledge, and finally, a science fair in which participants will present the results of their research.

He added that “it is necessary to encourage Yucatecan youth to a career in the study of scientific professions, in order to increase the number of professionals who deal with the problems of major social, health and environmental crises, among others,” said the program coordinator. Overview.

He finally explained that in 2021 excellent results were obtained in this program, which culminated in the publication of the digital book Discovering My Talent, a scientific project guide that can be replicated from anywhere.

“This book will be carried to the interior of the state and other municipalities on the peninsula as part of CICY’s work on universal access to knowledge for young people in communities,” he concluded.

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