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Christian Nodal: This is the sad reason for having a tattoo on his face

Christian Nodal: This is the sad reason for having a tattoo on his face

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Christian Nodal He has become one of the most famous regional Mexican singers in Mexico. After his separation from Belinda, the translator of “Botella after bottle” gave much to talk about the life of excesses he led. Likewise, his taste for tattoos and his changes in appearance are other topics that attract all eyes.

Recently, the singer appeared at a Palenque concert in Guadalajara, Jalisco, one of the highlights of the entity’s October festivities. On his show, he admitted the sad reason for having so many tattoos on his face, the most notable of which was the design under his eyes that crosses the bridge of his nose in a pre-Hispanic sense.

Among the most obvious changes the singer has undergone in recent years is the innumerable tattoos on a large part of his body, including his face, which undoubtedly has drawn hundreds of criticisms. however, In his last appearance he stunned without any determination, Although it is not known if he has undergone laser treatment or if it is just makeup.

through the blink, Streptococcus He admitted that he didn’t know what to answer when asked why he tattooed his face, until a reporter gave him a great answer. My answer was not prepared as much as I would like, but one reporter exclaimed:Nodal! I already know why you were tattooed.’ I solved all the problems of my life:And it will cover the kisses that have been given to youThe singer admitted.

As expected, the response caused his fans to react very emotionally to his artist’s confession, and as in his last performances, the audience started shouting the name of his ex-wife, Belinda.

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