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"I love you Joe," Christian Nodal can't stand it anymore and melts with Katsu's love with this kind message

Christian Nodal gives Cazzu a fancy ring, but the meaning baffles everyone

Christian Nodal and the successful fisherman kazooThey have become one of the entertainment world’s favorite couples and the regional Mexican artist is very close to his partner despite the recent controversy. The Translator “bottle after bottle” He has constantly shown his taste in jewelry and diamonds, and as a sign of the love he feels for his new partner, Christian Nodal He recently gave Kazuo a fancy ring.

Through a recent post on Cazzuchelli’s official Instagram, the singer can be seen sharing a romantic moment with Nodal. What surprised fans of the couple was the fancy spider-shaped diamond ring, even though Cazzu wears the jewel on her index finger. The right hand and not the ring finger of the left hand, various media outlets began to speculate that it could be an engagement.

What does this ring symbolize between the singing couple?

As expected, thousands of comments appeared about the beautiful gift that the Mexican singer gave to his new partner, as it is known that he was always very detailed with his partners, and therefore allowed him to see her again and again when he was also friends with the musical artist Belinda, who was his partner before he was born in her. Argentina.

The controversial relationship between the regional Mexican singer Belinda It was a highly publicized affair earlier this year, and their high-profile breakup over alleged financial issues generated quite a bit of controversy, but the highlight of the breakup was undoubtedly the engagement ring affair.

Now the ring I gave him kazoo It was specifically linked to some kind of promise of love between celebrities, however, the true meaning has now come to light, a ring with diamonds in the shape of a spider, which hints at the latest musical work of “Babe Trap”And for which this gift is nothing more than a congratulation and an incentive to the hunter to keep moving forward and reap the rewards in her musical career, and for this reason Julieta too Catocelli Wear the accessory on the little finger, not the ring finger, as in the case of engagement.

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