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"I love you Joe," Christian Nodal can't stand it anymore and melts with Katsu's love with this kind message

Christian Nodal calls Katsu “Chief, Chief, Queen” and she responds with a loving message

What now Christian Nodal s Katsu They decided to speak frankly about their relationship, they were more affectionate in their posts on social networks, and there is no photo of the Argentine citizen who does not have a reaction from Sonoran, because it became a way to tell him everything he feels

It should be noted that in addition to the translator of songs such as “Toxic love”“From the Kisses I Gave You” and “I Live in Six” she calls it in very special different ways that make fans mention that the relationship is going better than ever, as they also highlight that the two They look very happy.

In the last photo that Julieta uploaded to her official Instagram account, Nodal wrote:
“The boss, the manager, the queen, the cheating girl, and my life, you’re Juliet too” accompanied by a heart.


But that was not all, Streptococcus He made another comment to his girlfriend and told her that he was going to steal all the ‘march’, to which Ragdoll did not keep silent and answered her “You all robbed me of the Pomponazo”Which unleashed thousands of reactions from the followers of both, where it is worth noting that since their love has been known, there are people who do not prefer being together, even though it does not seem important to them.


Nodal with Cazzu . Details

One of the things people criticized the most was the time Nodal canceled an event in Mexico to be with his girlfriend in Argentina, which was the start of the star’s new tour. “trap girl”Christian did not hesitate to put his entire schedule on hold and go to the concert to support his partner, for some it was an act of love, but there were those who mentioned that he must first think about his profession and fulfill the dates he set.

During their first weeks together, it was a custom for the paparazzi to catch her hand holding a bouquet of flowers, which are allegedly gifts from Nodal, it must be remembered that the artists are said to have started dating in June, but they haven’t confirmed that they are together.

Streptococcus He has also said that two songs belong to the trabeira, and one of the tracks and the one he criticized for are consistent with the song “Eso y más”, which was written by Joan SebastianWho sang him at a party thinking about his current love, without first mentioning that he regretted gifting it to her earlier.

Cazzu and Nodal in the first photo taken together. Special

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