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Christian Nodal: A young man offers out invitations made by the singer on Instagram

Christian Nodal: A young man offers out invitations made by the singer on Instagram

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A few days ago the actor David Zepeda became the trend after tik tok Several users have shared their experiences with the heart of a soap opera after he tried to hook them up via Instagram, but it seems he’s not the only celebrity with this technique to beat, because a young woman recently revealed that Christian Nodal He asked her to leave a message.

The young woman used her TikTok account to share a video explaining how Christian Nodal contacted her via Instagram and asked her to see him when he returned to where the girl lived to go out..

The user who calls herself Baby Reyes Share your experience and explain it This happened long before Christian Nodal had an affair with Belinda.

In the video The girl was seen in a car and you can read in letters: “Everything is great with Nodal now, but‘, in the caption accompanying this video in which she begins to see a group photo of her with him when Or he didn’t have a single tattoo on his faceLooks like the same photos were when the singer made a show.

After this image follows a screenshot where the conversation is clearly visible in the part where Christian Nodal asks the young woman to meet for lunch, dinner or “something” When the singer returned to Monterey, where she grew up and where they also met.

After this screenshot, more pictures of the young woman with Nodal followed, all at concerts, the video is set to theme music Tell him about Aroma..

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In other videos, Bebe Reyes made it clear that she never went out with Christian Nodal and they had no other type of relationship that she wasn’t a fanatical artist, following him since the singer started his career.