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Christian Martinoli mocks Toluca on Twitter after the final

Christian Martinoli mocks Toluca on Twitter after the final

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Christian Martinoli He turned social media on again after the Vuelta final between Pachuca and Toluca, as the Tuzos crushed the Devils to add their seventh star. commentator a favour it’s a Mexican painting is not worthy To beat the mark and seize the opportunity to send a message to me America.

The Crimson team suffered greatly from the attack led by Guillermo Almada, which did not escape the controversial commentator, who qualified like Shame The performance From his team.

Christian Martinoli launched the comment on Twitter

Although 3-1 win that Tozos to Toluca, Martinoli Manufacture ridiculous comment It is aimed at fans who requested the final match between America and Pachuca.

Toluca was an embarrassment in the final. But Something sewers don’t take anymore’,” Martinoli confirmed on his Twitter account, which has received all kinds of comments.

America’s ‘hidden’ message

Azteca TV elementrevivedcurious Suspension What has been done Widely When Elimination of Toluca America In the semi-finals. “Zindegas is watching the sewers, that’s where America is headed,” Martinoli commented in the final seconds of that meeting.

raised this anger subordinate Americans and the Laugh Lots Hobbywho took it upon themselves to share the clip on social networks to make fun of azulcrema.