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Chinese regime’s new offensive against Taiwan: Aircraft and warships have violated the island’s air and sea space.

The Chinese regime’s new offensive against Taiwan: planes and warships violated the island’s air and sea space. (Reuters)

He Taiwan Ministry of Defense He said Ten fighter planes and six warships Chinese rule They were found in the vicinity of the island in the early hours of this Sunday.

One of the fighters breached the airspace In the southwest of the island, it forced Taiwan Armed Forces They posted on their Twitter account about the deployment of aircraft, boats and land-launched missile systems.

This Friday, the Taiwan Ministry of Defense Condemned that two People’s Liberation Army spy drones They flew over the island “for the first time” shortly after nearly twenty Chinese military aircraft announced that they had entered their airspace.

On the same day, Chinese Armed Forces They found a fighter US Air Force flies over Taiwan Strait.

The head of diplomacy faced tensions European union, Joseph BorrellHe asked the member states of the bloc to get involved Conflict between Taiwan and China and urged them patrolling the Straits with their fleet.

Europe “should be very much ahead of this Document It is about us economically, commercially and technologically. That is why I am asking European navies to patrol the Taiwan Strait Freedom of navigation in this absolutely important area to show the connectivity of Europe”, Borel wrote in a French newspaper Journal du Dimanche.

This Friday, Taiwan’s Defense Ministry condemned the People’s Liberation Army’s “first-ever” flight of two spy drones over the island, shortly after announcing that nearly two dozen Chinese military aircraft had entered its airspace. (Reuters)
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Last Tuesday, during the opening of a China-focused debate in the European Parliament, Borrell promised Taiwan and the conflict are “critical for Europe” because “the world’s most strategic strait is at risk, especially in terms of trade.”.

“We need to be there through freedom of navigation operations.”Borrell added, while Taipei is “absolutely a part of us A strategic perimeter to protect our interests and guarantee peace”.

Borel’s stance can be understood as a subtle response to controversial statements made by the French president weeks ago. Emmanuel MacronDuring a trip to China.

Amidst his three-day visit to Beijing, the French official considered that the backdrop of Russian hostility in Ukraine drew attention to its optimistic tone and the ambiguous position adopted by Xi Jinping. The conflict over Taiwan is outside of Europe.

“The question we Europeans are asking ourselves is: Are we keen to pick up the pace when it comes to Taiwan? No. The worst thing is that the Europeans think they have to become followers on this issue and continue the overreaction of the US and China.“, he said then.

Faced with rising tensions, EU diplomacy chief Joseph Borrell asked the bloc’s member states to intervene in the conflict between Taiwan and China, urging them to patrol the strait with their naval forces. (Reuters)

Thus, Macron explained his fears that the continent would be left behind “We are caught up in crises that are not ours, which prevents us from developing strategic autonomy.” And what puts There is a risk of becoming a “slave” to Washington.

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Tensions in the region escalated with the visit of the then President of the US House of Representatives to the island. Nancy Pelosi, August last year.

The situation worsened after the visit of the Taiwanese president. Sai Ing WenHe met with several members of the US Congress despite Beijing’s warnings.

Taiwan has had an independent government since 1949, but China considers the territory under its sovereignty.

The Chinese government’s basic policy towards Taiwan has so far been peaceful reunification under the principle of “one country, two systems”.

(With information from Europa Press and AFP)

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