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Chicharito's apology and the credibility of Gerardo Martino

Chicharito’s apology and the credibility of Gerardo Martino

Chicarito Hernandez had already apologized to Gerardo Martino, according to reports from TUDN (Photo: Omar Vega/Getty Images)

Javier Chicharito Hernandez Still the best scorer in mexican national teamhas a special place in history and in the memory of the Mexican fan, but beyond the goalscorer’s stakes, Lack of Discipline was filmed in an episode with Team Tricolor in September 2019. At that time, the Mexican national team played a series of friendly matches in the United States, and after one of the matches, pictures of some players in one of the clubs spread on social media, which upset them. Gerardo Martino.

According to the versions of that time, Martino knew that the person who organized his departure was the current LA Galaxy player., but he did not want to take responsibility and this led to his dismissal from the tricolor team. Martino, who had less than a year in office, had to take charge of what would be a long cycle and set Hernandez as an example to others who wanted to overlook the national strategist.

And today, almost three years after that episode, Hernandez apologized to My Father Martino due to lack of discipline, a problem, according to the coach, did not allow him to be called up and on several occasions announced by the same Argentine strategist: If Javier does not apologize for what happened, he will not be able to open the doors in the national team. According to TUDNAnd The Mexican striker had an hour-long phone call with Martino to calm things down.

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For his part, the same player confirmed that there “Approach”although there are no further details.

However, the fact that Chicharito has resolved his differences with Martino does not mean that he is getting into the plans of the national team, because it is well known that Martino rarely changes the group he works with completely and Hernandez had nothing to do with him. since three years.

The Mexican has teamed up with 25 goals since his 2020 arrival at LA Galaxy (Photo: Sean Clark/Getty Images)

The Mexican has teamed up with 25 goals since his 2020 arrival at LA Galaxy (Photo: Sean Clark/Getty Images)

If Chicharito returns to El Tri, the message he will send is that all the indiscipline that occurs within the group can be forgiven.. The same thing happened with Carlos Salcedo who, in addition to the infamous performance, angrily argued in the middle of the Gold Cup final with Jorge Teller, Gerardo’s technical assistant. From that moment, in July 2021, Salcedo was not called up again and in February 2022 the defender apologized for what happened. However, he still did not return to the tricolor combination. Receiving them again would directly damage Martino’s credibility, something that has already been called into question by his recent calls and findings.

    Martino also suffered from some health issues that prevented him from being with the national team (Photo: Mauricio Salas / Jam Media / Getty Images)

Martino also suffered from some health issues that prevented him from being with the national team (Photo: Mauricio Salas / Jam Media / Getty Images)

Although he qualified in second place from the hexagonal shape to World Cup Qatar 2022The draw did not go as expected, Mexico’s style of play was modest and the positive results came after many complications in the matches. At the time, various versions addressed a possible departure for Martino so that he could reach the World Cup. However, the same coach emphasized that he was aware of the internal situation and that it was his priority to improve his playing style. “What’s so special about the nearly 40-month process is that we haven’t been consistently performing, and we haven’t”judge My Father In a video press conference in March this year.

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On many occasions – and as happens with every national team coach – the criteria a coach takes to be able to shape his team has been criticized. In recent calls, the question has been raised as to why footballers who have exceeded their level of play in the past year, as with the Atlas players, are not called up to the current champion team and two-time champion.

Added to this is the questionable call for players from monterey chartwhich is inevitable for Martino in his calls, though unimportant in his team, as Jesus Gallardo, Rodolfo Pizarro and Luis Romo. Or there is also a case Sebastian Cordova Who played only 446 minutes in this tournament with Tigres out of a possible 1530 minutes.

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