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Chemical sciences graduates march in Chilpancingo in support of the expelled

Chemical sciences graduates march in Chilpancingo in support of the expelled

Chilpancingo, Guerrero, June 1, 2024. Graduates of the Faculty of Biological and Chemical Sciences of the Autonomous University of Guerrero (UAG) marched in the capital against the expulsion of 13 teachers and one student who participated in protests against the election results. The recent internal elections for the position of rector and the “tyranny” of the university president, Javier Saldaña Almazán.

The group of graduates, who left the memorial at 10 a.m., chanted: “You are not alone, you are not alone,” “No to tyranny,” “No to repression, no to censorship,” and “Justice, justice, justice.” Banderas, on Lázaro Cárdenas Street, towards the college and arrived at the university presidency.

At the march, which was attended by about 70 protesters, they named each of the teachers who had been fired, including Isila Parra Rojas, Julio Ortiz Ortiz, Adolfo Roman Roman, Veronica Antonio Vigar, and Luis Ángel Urrieta Benítez.

One of the graduates, Rey David Camilo Escamilla, said in his statements that the aim of the march was to show his moral support for the professors and students who were dismissed from their positions last Monday, at the University Council session.

He noted that the central administration of the UAG, through the University Court, issued a statement stating that those affected would be restored to their positions; But they said there would be certainty until the university council meeting.

Noting on behalf of his colleagues that they are demanding a public apology from the University Court and UAG administrators, he said: “We want to respect the statement they issued, withdraw the punishment and return the teachers to their positions.” one of them.

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Upon their arrival at the college, the graduates requested the resignation of the President of the University Court, Isaias Sánchez Nájera, “due to his incompetence and manipulation of the case,” as well as the resignation of the General Secretary of the Academic Workers of the UAG Union, Ovilio Martínez Llanes, for their complicity in voting in favor of the expulsion of teachers.

As well as restarting the electoral process in schools and colleges where opposition candidates for the position of university president were not accepted for registration, especially in the College of Chemical Sciences.

One of the affected teachers thanked the graduates for this gesture, that they took their time, that some of them did not go to work, and that some even had to come from other states in the republic just to support them.

The demonstrators resumed their march until they reached UAG University, where upon their arrival, security guards closed the main door to prevent them from entering, which caused discomfort among the graduates.

The demonstrators chanted: “Dialogue with us, leader, not because you were a person of dialogue,” “Get out Saldaña,” “Our general is an oppressor,” “No to dictatorship,” and “Listen, Saldaña, we are in the battle.” dissatisfied. They stayed there for about 40 minutes, then left.

Text: Maria Aviles Rodriguez

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