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Chelito Delgado explodes on the board to change the logo

Chelito Delgado explodes on the board to change the logo

Chilito touched on the topic of the new strategist and changing the image of the logo.

Chelito played at La Maquina from 2003 to 2007.
© picture 7Chelito played at La Maquina from 2003 to 2007.

It’s official, Cruz Azul will change its logo for the fourth time and it will be in 26 years; It will be presented on June 16, exactly when the outfit La Maquina will wear at the inaugural 2022 tournament is revealed, but the one who didn’t like the news was Chelito Delgado, who redirected the change to the current board.

Victor Manuel Velasquez, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Monitoring, said the logo would no longer carry the traditional stars. The aforementioned change will also be reflected in the uniform, in a clear indication that the club is seeking to abandon all previous management.

Cesar Delgado was a member of La Maquina and was admired by cement fans, making him an empowered voice for the team. Before announcing the new photo, he said the following:

“It’s a pity that the championship stars are not in any shirt, in this case Cruz Azul, because they are beautiful.. I don’t know what a new club project is on the way, but I know it looks better with the stars. What would the boys who won the ninth game that cost them so much say? ESPN said.

Between jokes, the Blue Sky player wondered how the title could have cost the biggest job in the club’s history.. “I ask how he won’t be the star of the title that cost so much to do after so many years, how won’t he be the ninth in the new Cruz Azul?And the he added.

Follow along the same line He touched on the topic of Diego Aguirre’s new coach, Cementero, but it does not fill the eye of the former Argentine player.

“I thought an Argentine would arrive, which I always see in the news is on Cruz Azul’s radar and never happens; or someone younger in that sense and I’m not saying that because of his age,” he said. “In modern football there are many new-blooded coaches like Cocawho has won the championship twice with Atlas, Almeida or Heinz, former players who recently retired from football players, they have a very important career and they resume current football “is done.

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