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Cesar Bono gives positive to Covid

Cesar Bono gives positive to Covid

the actor Cesar Bono, who was recently going back to the stage with the play Defending the Caveman, gave Positive for Covid-19 Fortunately though He had no symptoms.

According to the information in VentaneandOr the 70-year-old actor He was going to catch the virus when he went to the recordings of an American series which he is currently participating in, even though he has already received it Two doses of an antiviral vaccine.

“Everything seems to indicate that Cesar Bono tested positive for the nurses, he has no symptoms and he is being vaccinated.”channel saidp Daniel Ned, Who also emphasized that if the actor didn’t get worse, it was precisely because he put in both potions.

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“He was caught in the gringo serial which is being recorded in Mexico, there was contagious”, added. Regarding their work commitments, they revealed the possibility of suspending theater jobs, although this information has so far been confirmed by us.

Finally, Bisogno and his colleagues wished him a speedy recovery and reminded the public of how important it is not to lower their guard and continue to take care of themselves in the face of this new wave and increasing infections.

Cesar Bono infected with the Covid virus

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