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Catalog - Technical Sciences - Cancer vaccine is already under test

Catalog – Technical Sciences – Cancer vaccine is already under test

This morning, researchers at Oxford University announced that the technology behind vector vaccines against the coronavirus could also help fight cancer. Sky News.

Scientists have developed a two-dose vaccine that they hope will target proteins on the surface of cancer cells. In animal experiments, vaccination increased the number of T cells that attack tumors and increased the chances of survival.

The research team now wants to start testing in humans.

Vector-based vaccine technology is very effective. The immunotherapies developed in recent years have achieved amazing results in treating cancer, but there are patients whose immune systems do not respond to treatment. The goal of our current idea is that technology developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca for the coronavirus vaccine could teach the immune system to recognize not only the viral spike protein, but also the proteins of cancer cells.

Said Benoit van der Eynde, head of the investigation team.

According to Adrian Hill, director of the Jenner Institute

This new type of vaccine has the potential to start a revolution in cancer treatment.

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