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El Premio al Emigrante Dominicano Oscar de la Renta lo gana Casilda Luna

Casilda Luna won the Dominican Emigrant Award

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MIREX), Ms. Dominican Emigrant Award for Oscar de la Renta. Casilda Luna, A prominent Dominican in Washington, DC, USA, he focused on his work on behalf of his comrades to promote the national culture and social well-being of Dominicans living in that city since 1962.

Mrs. Luna received the award from the President Luis Abinader and Foreign Minister Roberto Alvarez At the ceremony held in the room of Carlos Byandini of the National Arena.

When he commented, the President Abinadar Exemplified the role of the prestigious Dominican community abroad in good social treatment, hospitality and hard work; Despite the distance, they are separated from the Dominican Republic and do not maintain contact with their relatives and contribute to the economic development of the country.

Another of the winners.

On his side, Foreign Minister Alvarez outlined the work being done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MIREX). Company for Dominicans Abroad (INDEX) As the number one axis of foreign policy to protect our comrades wherever they are.

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About Luna

Mrs. Luna was born Samana, Dominican Republic, He came to Washington, DC in 1962 and became a talented organizer of the Latin community in that city, leading training that allowed him to develop projects and organizations that would affect the development of the most vulnerable groups.

He was part of an organizing committee that shaped a large demonstration put forward by the community Washington, DC City Council., Proposal for the establishment of the Office of Hispanic Affairs, which is still known as OLA today, and provides important services to the Latin people.

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As she fought for the human rights of immigrants, The Washington Post named her “Mother of Immigrants”.

This extraordinary woman, with immense memory of her old age, by the resolution of the District Council of Columbia, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser named April 6 Casilda Luna Day.

In addition to the girl LunaThe other nine major Dominicans were recognized in Canada, the United States, Italy and Puerto Rico.

They are: Alan Jr. Reyes, Caesar Sanchez Feroz, Ramon Modesto Dallage, Theresa Josephina Bello de Burgos, Mirta Rosalis Mella del Jes ,s, Juan Emilio Romero Duran, Radamese Avila, Ruben Jose Rosrose; Recipient of plates and recognition scrolls.

Since the award was announced in July, 75 Dominicans living abroad have been nominated for the award. Led by Jose Luis (Pepin) Coribo, Chairman of the Coribo Group, the nominations were evaluated by the Permanent Commission and the jury for the award; And composed by Eliza Polan, executive vice president of Oscar de la Renta; Heidi Rainery, vice president of Grubo Pundagana; Pablo Asencio, Executive Director of the Dominican and Dominican Agency Abroad (Index) And Maria Alejandra Castillo, Special Diplomatic Director at MIREX; The result was ten nominees.

Director of MIREX Special Diplomacy And Maria Alejandra Castillo, the event’s organizer, highlighted the Dominican government’s commitment to presenting a good image of the Creole that promotes Dominican values.

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