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Carolina Gitan, the telenovela star who never imagined how far her voice would take her

Carolina Gitan, the telenovela star who never imagined how far her voice would take her

Carolina Gaitán just released a new song after her hit with No se Habla de Bruno. (Photo by Guillermo Legaria/Getty Images for Disney)

When Carolina Gaitan received the news that “No Se Habla de Bruno” was the hit song in a Disney movie, she remembered the day she made the decision to move from her native Colombia to the United States. His goal was to make his way into Hollywood.

It was a brave act, because Starring in “Without breasts there is heavenIt made her a famous actress all over the Latin world. But even with his great desire and optimism, even in his wildest dreams, he didn’t think he’d be as successful as he had with the song We Don’t Talk About Bruno from Disney’s Encanto that became a worldwide phenomenon. To capitalize on the revolution she brought about in music, the artist released a new bilingual track.

However, he does not stop thanking him for his good fortune. He said, “I almost died when I knew I was going to work with Lin-Manuel Miranda. Even more so when I met him.” Yahoo Life and Style La Gaita, as its fans know it.

When we talked, the topic was another one from the movie’s beautiful soundtrack about a Colombian family abounding in glamour.

Disney chose “Colombia, mi charm” and “Dos oruguitas” as Encanto’s main songs. The first, sung by Carlos Vives, and the second by Sebastian Yatra, has been officially promoted. In fact, Vives and Yatra sang at the movie premiere and at Mickey’s next Christmas show.

“Dos oruguitas” was also nominated for an Academy Award for “Best Original Song from a Movie”. However, it was the phrase “We’re not talking about Bruno” or “We’re not talking about Bruno.”Bruno is not mentionedIn Spanish, the person who fell in love with the world, thanks to a dance spread on TikTok.

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Gaitán, who lent her voice to Pepa’s character and is the main voice-over in ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’, is no rookie when it comes to success, although she clearly isn’t that big. Since she started in the music show business as a teenager, La Gaita has shined, probably because her first music group, after winning the Popstars contest, was called “Escarcha”.

They were a little girl band, best in Menudo or CNCO style, who barely released two albums between 2002 and 2004, despite the incredible success they had during their first and only concert, televised. In just 24 hours, they sold nearly 100,000 records.

A few months later, Gaitán was already part of the cast of the series Flight 1503 on Caracol TV and since then hasn’t stopped working on the small screen. First as a supporting actress in TV series and serials such as ‘This Is Life’, ‘Woman in the Question of Genre’, ‘Zona Rosa’, ‘Gabriella, the vicissitudes of fate’, ‘Issa Tech +’, ‘Crowned Goddess’, ‘Fleur’ ​​Wild and ‘Esmeraldas’ and ‘Alias ​​the Mexican’, run through Unitarians in ‘Murderer Women’, ‘Women to the Limit’ and ‘Minds in shock’.

Her life took another turn in 2015, when she managed to make an appearance in Colombia and she began to be chosen for international projects.

One of the most relevant roles for La Gaita was starring in & # xb4;  Las hermanitas Calle & # xb4;

One of La Gaita’s most important roles was starring in Las hermanitas Calle´

At home, he gave life to Nellie Calle, in the telenovela “Hermanitas Calle”, where he also once again demonstrated his musical talent. With the character dying during production, La Gaita was able to accept the invitation to be part of the cast of ‘Narcos’, the Netflix series whose success opened the doors to original video-on-demand production on the Latin American streaming platform.

In Narcos, Carolina Gaitán played Marta Ochoa, a small, but so important role that she put her in competition to play Lola Calvo, in the lively series about Celia Cruz’s life.

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Her work put her in the race for the star in the second season of the popular telenovela “Sin senos no hay paradise”. Telemundo Network, responsible for production, gave this second installment the name “Without Breasts, There’s Heaven” and chose Gaitán to play Catalina Marin, the girl, daughter of the original hero, Performed by Carmen Villalobos.

Magda Issa, Roberto Manrique, Carmen Villalobos, Fabi & # xe1;  n R & # xed;  os, Catherine Siachoque and Carolina Gait á  n

Magda Issa, Roberto Manrique, Carmen Villalobos, Fabian Rios, Catherine Siachuk, Carolina Gitan

Gitan was in Catalina leather from 2016 to 2020, the years during which three seasons of “Sin senos si hay paradise” aired, until the story ended as “The End of Heaven”.

The project was successfully broadcast throughout Latin America and Europe and made La Gaita a celebrity. However, she wanted more and decided to return to music and try her hand at the cinema mecca.

From 2017 to 2022, the artist released songs such as Lo que se dice de mí, Miedo, El primer beso and Cerquita del mar, which she recorded and performed during the pandemic and from Los Angeles, where he lived for several years.

During that time she also received one of the best news of her life, she was hired to sing on the soundtrack for The Greatest Showman, starring Hugh Jackman.

“It was so exciting. I couldn’t believe my name was there, among so many people I love,” recalls Gitan, who was also chosen as one of the chorus girls who shared the stage with Jackman. “The truth is, I spent some time unable to believe I was there,” she said. “From the start they treated me incredibly and I am so grateful they took me into consideration.”

Carolina Gait & #xe1;  n.  (Photo: John Parra/Telemundo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images)

Carolina Gaten. (Photo: John Parra/Telemundo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images)

Of course, the fact that she was invited to participate in “Encanto” with one of her idols, the American artist of Puerto Rican parents, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and in a film that focused on her beloved Colombia, caused her even greater affection.

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He said, “It was all crazy. From working with Lin Manuel, who was involved at all times, to stepping into the world of the Madrigal family and giving Peppa the voice. It’s impossible to describe what I felt.”

According to La Gaita, since she auditioned she has felt surrounded by Disney magic, “Because from the start they make you feel part of the world they created. It really felt good just to be in the offices. To the studios and meeting the entire cast, Lyn, is something one wonders.” : Will I one day be in a Disney movie? But always as a fictional thing, it just won’t happen.”

If that sounds fancy to you, what would the lead singer of the song that beat Frozen’s Let It Go in the most popular trilogy in Disney history look like? According to Billboard, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” with “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”, Elton John’s song from “The Lion King” and “Colors of the Wind”, from Pocahontas, performed by Vanessa Williams.

In addition to Gaitán, in “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” the voices of Colombian musician Mauro Castillo (Felix), American singer-songwriter Adassa (Dolores), American actor Renzi Velez (Camilo), American actresses: Diane Guerrero (Elizabeth) and Stephanie Beatriz (Mirabel).

Sebastian Yatra confirmed in a recent interview that he knows the “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” dance and that he is “happy” with the success of the song and Carolina Gitan. The artists met at the Hollywood premiere of “Charm”. A duo of the two would be amazing.

Meanwhile, Carolina Gaitán is taking advantage of the interest to continue her music. His first part is “I’m Bolero,” a bilingual song that celebrates the great musical legacy of bolero, a Latin American musical genre as much as it is romantic. As well as itself.

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