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Carmen Villalobos and Sebastian Caicedo are back in Colombia, are they together?

Carmen Villalobos and Sebastian Caicedo are back in Colombia, are they together?

Carmen Villalobos’ 39th birthday and with it a possible meeting with her current husband, Sebastian Caicedo, is approaching, even as rumors spread about what could be one of the most important love breaks in Colombian entertainment.

After long hours of working abroad, Villalobos has returned to Colombia, confirming his presence in the capital, BogotaAnd he plans to celebrate his birthday in the next few days.

In her Instagram stories, the actress said: “Happy start of the month, the most delicious month, the most wonderful month, my birthday! 13 days left, and we are counting down. Greetings from Bogotá, already covered, because it is cold, although it is very sunny.”

to me Caicedo, although he resides in Miami in the United States, knows that he is currently also in Colombia, but in Medellin. The actor, in his latest Instagram post, stated that he is working on a version of the song ‘This painful’ Written by Yelised, Louie Gallego, and Nico Cadavid.

Sebastián Caicedo plays in said song’s video, becoming the first music video to star in the artist.

After both actors returned to Colombia There is speculation of a possible reunion between Villalobos and Kaiseidoespecially when A special date for the protagonist is approaching the latest version of Till we parted silver, Well, his birthday is July 13th.

It should be noted that the rumors of the two actors breaking up increased when it was noticed that in their social networks neither of them have recent photos together. However, the couple did not comment on this suspicion.

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Meanwhile, Villalobos left a touching video for his followers, with the following text: “July has arrived and this month I invite you to start over. Let go of everything that hurts you and open your arms to everything positive. One day at a time, in the best way while keeping your essence.” Hello July!Wrote: The most delicious month of the year.

The video captures the various moments experienced by the actress that moved network userswhich contains a sound with the following message: “So it is sometimes ignorant. Its happiest of happy days; and sorrow in its bitter days. Ice or fire, hurricane or calm, he just does not understand the middle.”.

Meanwhile, a few days ago, the representative of Bogotá Sebastian Caicedo was very thoughtfuleven using words like namaste, which are generally used by Buddhism or by cultures such as the Japanese.

In one of his recent posts, he shared 4 photos of the genre Photograph She accompanied the post with a message that read: “Let’s go today and you’ll attract what you deserve! Leave your worries. Let go of what doesn’t bring peace to your life. Get rid of control. Get rid of fears!”

“Every time you feel low on energy, repeat the magic words: Sorry, I’m sorry, I love you, thank you, and these will help you let go of whatever is bothering you. Every second is the right and perfect moment to start over! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” He added, explaining that his life took a much more spiritual approach than before.

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What shocked his fans was that this message might be about the famous, but uncertain, divorce between the actor and Carmen Villalobos.