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Carmen Salinas could have spoken, her family revealed

Carmen Salinas could have spoken, her family revealed

Is there a big commotion that led to the emergence of a family Picture of Carmen Salinas Which may indicate that the precious first an actress He would speak or at least try to do so, in the words of his daughter, Maria Eugenia Placencia Salinas.

According to Dael Quiroz of Arguende TV, nephew and first hand Carmen Salinas LozanoGustavo Briones was sharing what could be good news, noting that the famous Televisa star had made a sound, which his daughter called the word, a situation that made them so happy and had the doctors review it.

Faced with the possibility of a possible progression in her health, Maria Eugenia and the family of the producer are also pleased with this indication that her daughter noticed and immediately reported to the doctors; However, what experts say about it is not discussed.

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It is worth remembering that on one occasion a daughter Carmelita Salinas He noted that his mother moved her feet, a situation in which he refused to disconnect. Maria Eugenia would have said that famous women did not like to have their feet touched, let alone be tickled, something she decided to do and indicated that in response Salinas moved.

Despite what the family said, the doctors noted that this was not a sign of progress, as the movement in different parts of the body might be an involuntary reflex and not something Carmen Salinas ordered her brain to do.

Carmen Salinas has spoken, revealing a possible advance in her health. Photo: Agence France-Presse.

Then came hope, as Salinas was said to have had a hemorrhage rather than a stroke, indicating that this might indicate that after emptying his brain he could wake up, a situation denied by a fourth specialist in his review.

The doctor brought in from abroad confirmed that the bleeding and stroke are the same, the second is a general term, the position of the actress does not change, nor the prediction that she will not wake up. It was also said that no medical history had woken someone up in Carmen’s health condition.

However, Maria Eugenia’s decision was to leave her mother in touch even if it took weeks, months or years, because she ensured that Picture of Carmen Salinas Worth living However, some people are against this decision because they say it should really let her rest and go to the side of her beloved son Pedrito who has been missing for more than 27 years.

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