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Carlos Salcedo sacked his community manager for uploading an anti-arbitration tweet

Carlos Salcedo sacked his community manager for uploading an anti-arbitration tweet

In an exclusive interview with ESPN, Carlos Salcedo denied that he wrote a tweet criticizing the Liga MX referee; He revealed that he fired his community manager, who was dealing with his social networks

Mexico – Carlos Salcedo speak with ESPN About the anti-arbitration message that came out of your account Twitterduring playing Juarez Braves against LionHe denied being a physical author. The defender confirmed that he was the “manager of his community” Which Tut did and regretted forcing him to expel him.

“Yesterday, after the game, I was taking a shower, I put snow on myself and always grabbed my phone to see if something didn’t happen with my family, if my family was OK, and watched relax. Now it’s my turn to delete the tweet. I also told my own “community manager” B: It was a mistake, I spoke to him and obviously I took action on the matter,” he confirmed. Carlos Salcedo Exclusively for ESPN.

“I’ve spoken with the entire staff, my community manager, my agent, and my wife. We had a call this morning and decided not to continue with this community manager. Carlos Salcedo added, “If I had done that, I would have no problem, when I make a mistake I raise my hand.”

“A part-time player, that’s the standard that people often overlook: You’re in a game where you’re fighting for places in the league, the coach is talking and I think it would be disrespectful to everyone; it’s like you’re in a phone meeting and you’re with your boss. But in Mexico, little detail is always sought.” Salcedo.

“Had to delete it (the tweet) from me. I didn’t realize, I don’t have notifications. And when I came back and saw the messages from my family that people were talking about, I had to delete it there, obviously upset. I’ve gotten away a little bit already from talking about these things.” Carlos Salcedo.

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defender of Juarez Braves He said calmly, because “the board finally knows how things happened; the coach (Hernan Cristante) was the first” and added that it would be normal for the coach to see that there was a player on the phone in the dressing room “Okay, he even runs away from you. I’m calm and didn’t Something happens.”

Salcedo does not know if there will be consequences beyond his directives, confirming that on Wednesday he understood how things happened, as well as saying he had evidence to clarify the matter “and there is nothing left for you to learn from this”.

– Guidance gave you “pull ears”?

Can’t talk about it. It’s one of the things that often rather than focusing on taking other kinds of notes a journalist has to make it clear to people; that’s why I like clubs today making videos so that people realize what a player is doing before a match or Then “.

The defender said his teammates, board and coaching staff were surprised when they learned of the tweet and asked him when he sent the message if they hadn’t seen him on the phone.

Finally, he regretted letting go of one of his assistants, who had been with him for a long time, after he posted a tweet that hurt him as a Tigres player. “People who know me know that I am a straight forward man. I will never throw a stone and hide my hand.”

finally, Salcedo He said he understood the former “community manager” because “we can all make mistakes; he didn’t think things through. He thought they could get another red one for me” and revealed that he would prefer his agent to be the one who thanked him

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“I apologize and said sorry for putting me in the lion’s den,” said a player from brave.

He knows that many think he wrote and posted the tweet, because of the way he shows himself on the field and his personality: “I consider myself a ‘football player’ and that’s what I am and on the field I change the same. My passion with I live the games, because of that desire to win. I like to win everything, and what I have to say I will say to your face and I will also say to the commissioner, to everyone. If people get to know me better, they will know how I will act in such a situation. In the end it remains an anecdote.