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Aspirantes a la presidencia del PLD se movilizan de cara a “consulta pública” de octubre

Candidates for the presidency of the Democratic Liberation Party rally for a “public consultation” in October

At least three of the candidates for the presidency of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) conducted political activities last Saturday, in order to further their applications.

One of them was the mayor of Santiago, Abel Martinez, who led the swearing-in of District 2 in Santo Domingo Este, which was attended by hundreds of leaders who make up his campaign team in that district.

Martinez emphasized at the meeting that in order to ensure harmony and unity within the Democratic Liberation Party, order and broad participation of citizens must prevail in the electoral process on October 16.

Similarly, the mayor asserted that his victory would ensure the return of the opposition party to power.

“There is no doubt that this commitment to the Dominican people will take us to the National Palace. In the PLD we cannot make mistakes. The goal ahead is the resounding victory on October 16, which will allow the PLD to continue to join forces so that we will tell PRM in 2024, that due to poor government, they will go.”

The leaders of the said department were present at the act held at the Los Minas Community Center, together with members of the Political Committee, the Central Committee, the chairmen of the middle and base committees, as well as representatives of the external sectors of the party and society.

Margherita Cedeno

Former Vice President Margarita Cedeno took her political project to Barahona for the day, where she held a meeting with locals, who told them of her victory that “they will be fine again.”

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“This beautiful Saturday I dedicate entirely to my people from Barahona. Here I am with a message of hope, optimism and certainty! We will be fine again,” read a message from the former Vice President posted on her Twitter account.

Francisco Dominguez Brito

In the case of the member of the Political Committee Francisco Dominguez Brito, he held a meeting this Saturday afternoon with the regional coordinators Monsignor Noel.

Those who attended their meeting dressed in the colors of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), but with the difference that what they wrote was the words “Vote 3” referring to the box that the candidate would use in the “consultation”. General “on October 16.

The meeting saw the PLD’s spokesman in the Senate, Ivan Lorenzo, who has been associated from the start with the nomination of Domínguez Brito.

Monsignor Noel spoke! He said with one voice: We are victorious! To every province we go all our activities to energies full of hope, enthusiasm and excitement. The purple candidate wrote: “It seems that they are all closing the campaign.”


The Democratic Liberation Party planned to conduct a “consultation” next October among the party’s bases to determine which of the candidates is more acceptable.

However, they have stated on frequent occasions that it is not a “preliminary process” and that anyone can claim the right to vote and run for office even after the date of the consultations.

So far, six PLD fighters have shown interest in running for the presidency, they are Martinez, Cedinho, Dominguez Prieto, Luis de Leon, Karen Ricardo and Martisa Hernandez.

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