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Can you come back?  Amaury Vergara and Fernando Hierro were excited about Chicharito's return to Chivas

Can you come back? Amaury Vergara and Fernando Hierro were excited about Chicharito’s return to Chivas


The Guadalajara High Command was so full of praise for the Rogblanco youth squad that they could make a new effort to sign him.

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The illusion of Chivas fans was revived to meet again with the most important youth team that emerged from the Rujiblanca Foundation on Friday, with both being revived. Amauri Vergara as Fernando Hierro They collapsed in it Greetings, Javier HernandezWhere the head of the herd left the door open to the possibility of his appointment.

Entrepreneur and President of the Atlético Council He did not want to rule out the possibility of merging Chicharito to the fold despite the fact that he renewed his contract for another year with the Los Angeles Galaxy of MLS, although rHe admitted that the effort would be made if Fernando Hierro agreed.

“I don’t rule it out, I hope it’s a possibility. I have to be very moderate with the Chicharito subject Because nothing else depends on me, it depends on many circumstances. You also have to think about what he (Fernando Hierro) thinks, which isHe’s the one who will make up the team, the coach, it’s a good conversation with FernandoVergara announced to Azteca TV.

Amaury made it clear that in the event that the sporting director deemed the inclusion of Hernandez to the herd as necessary, Iron will be responsible for convincing himEven though he admitted ite would like to see him come home, score goals at Akron Stadium.

This (signature CH14) vAa first of all, Fernando’s responsibilityEvery Chivas fan is passionate and I was close to Chicharito, I studied at the same school he was in, the moment he left Europe was very special. We would all like to see Chicharito, in a little while, step into the courts of Chivas again, Score a goal like the first here (Akron Stadium)”, concluded the Rojiblanco president.

What did Hierro say about Chicharito?

“a great professional, Cool boy, all his teammates adored him, his coach adored him, all the fans adored him. He’s a boy who was the player every coach wanted. If he competes for 30 minutes he is a phenomenon, if he competes for 60 minutes also, if he competes for 90 and he was also a starter; and pFor me, we spent a lot of time together after training, working out and improving, he was an exceptional boy.It’s the Javier I know,” the Spaniard stated in his show.

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