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Cadiz hopes that the Council will give the green light today to the Faculty of Pedagogical Sciences in Valcarsil

Cadiz hopes that the Council will give the green light today to the Faculty of Pedagogical Sciences in Valcarsil

with best predictions That the Valcárcel restoration project for the university is finally moving forwardAnd the This morning, at ten o’clock, the future is decided in Seville Abandoned twenty years ago, this 18th-century architectural gem of Cadiz, whose rehabilitation also aims to revitalize the surrounding neighbourhoods.

It is not expected that it will be confirmed before noon today that the symbolic building owned by the provincial council will house the College of Educational Sciences, As the academic institution has for years been calling for support from the Valcárcel Universitaria platform and unanimous support from the plenary session of the City Council, Diputación himself and the vast majority of the Cadiz community supported. All attention is now focused on what the contribution of the county institution will be, which until now has not been entirely clear, other than moving the building, despite recent statements of the spokesperson for the Socialist Municipal Group, Oscar Torres.

Torres estimated the transfer of the 24,000-square-meter property, which is a culturally significant asset, “is incalculable”, but emphasized that afterward, The regional institution must be “able to provide additional support so that the return of educational sciences to Cadiz becomes a reality”. However, he said he was convinced that Diputación “will only provide the facilities”.

In this regard, the Mayor of Cadiz, Jose Maria Gonzalez, replied in statements to this newspaper:If Diputación, as the PSOE himself says, is willing to move forward, we have no doubt that the Valcárcel project will be a reality Since the Andalusian Military Council is running out of excuses to keep the project paralyzed.”

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Jose Maria Gonzalez He will be present this morning at the meeting that will be held at the headquarters of the Ministry of the University, Research and Innovation with its President in Seville, Jose Carlos Gomez VillamandosDean of the University of Cadiz, Francisco Pinilla, As expected, the President of Diputación, Juan Carlos Ruiz Buyix.

The government team of the Cádiz City Council indicated yesterday through a statement that “it has already been claimed on more than one occasion in The general municipal session that the Andalusian government confirms its support in economic matters To rehabilitate the building and move it there.”

The mayor expressed his regret, saying, “So far, the Andalusian administration has not shown any support, although it took sides in some statements.” “Reply was required before the end of August and they only answer with empty words”confirmed.

From the government team remember that The councilor of Cadiz has “already announced a municipal contribution of five million euros.” – which amounts to €1,300,000 from the council budget – so that this project finally sees the light of day in the near future.” In line with this contribution, Gonzalez claims that “the Council has also put in place funds to meet this historic request for Cádiz”.

There is no right for this city gem to remain hijacked by politics. That is why we ask the relevant departments to be part of the solution, not the problem.

As the local executive pointed out “All political parties represented in the Andalusian Parliament (except the PP and Vox), as well as the Cádiz City Council, the Provincial Council and the UCA have signed their support for the Valcárcel Universitaria platform”, Which calls for the rehabilitation of the building and the transfer of the Faculty of Education Sciences to this site. Therefore, at this meeting the mayor hopes that “the board of directors will take the last step to start a project, with all that this entails for the economic revival of the neighborhoods of La Vina, El Ballon and El Mentedero”.

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Diputación has ceded the land as the UCA has done its job. We believe that this Andalusian Military Council should start its projects, But we can’t put our arms down and give up. We cannot fall into pessimism and disappointment, which the board of directors seems to be looking for in order not to fulfill its responsibilities,” he said.