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Cadiz and Choco Lozano ensure survival in the Spanish League!

Cadiz and Choco Lozano ensure survival in the Spanish League!

The Honduran striker and his team saved the category.

Cadiz, Spain.

Cádiz scored on their first arrival and then speculated against a brave Elche who tried everything they could to say goodbye to Serie A with a win to dedicate to their fans.

Cádiz finished the season adding 42 points And he will continue with another campaign at the start. In case Choco LozanoEverything indicates that Honduras will not continue with the team and that its new destination will be Getafe. He finished the season with just one goal.

The 11th start for Cadiz, who faced Elche in the last match of the season in the Spanish League.

The Elche team, who had nothing to lose, set up an open game against the Cádiz team, who showed their nerve in the first minutes of the match. Elche starred in several dangerous arrivals, such as a shot from Nteka that was narrowly taken by Argentine Conan Ledesma, although a set-piece action saved Cadiz’s side and put the game on its face.

Iza hit the post after a free kick, and the rebound fell into the San Emerio goal, whose shot was deflected by Argentine Gonzalo Escalante.

The goal encouraged Cadiz, who came close to the second goal in a mixed game that neither Lozano nor Guardiola could convert into a goal against Badia.

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Elche gradually regained his composure and went to the match. Last month, Titi Morante, the team’s best player, scored a valuable goal that was ruled out by Gil Manzano at the request of the video assistant referee for offside.

Anthony Lozano in a dispute over the ball with Elche’s Lisandro Magellan.

Cádiz was frightened and decided to protect himself in their territory rather than seek punishment, which would have come in an isolated action by Bongonda that Lozano had not contacted.

Boyé was also very close to scoring, and after a miss by Meré was close to beating Konnan. Elche did not stop trying and was able to score again, this time through Ntica, but the goal was canceled again, after some suspense, by the video assistant referee on the grounds of offside by Morente, who had the cross ball.

Cadiz received the message and decided in the last minutes of the first half to defend with the ball and away from their goal.

Sergio Gonzalez tried to energize his team with the entry of Roger Marti, whistled by his fans in the first round of the tournament, Ivan Alejo and Valle, but Elche continued to take the lead in the game and hover around the Cádiz area.

Little by little, Cádiz regained control of the match and Roger had the opportunity, with a header, to score the second goal, but his shot was high.

However, the one who finally got the goal was Elche after a precise cross from Jumbau finished off Lucas Poyet with a header into the net in the 70th minute.

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The equalizer galvanized the Elche and Elche fans, who surrounded Cádiz in their own area on the basis of the side positions. Sergio Gonzalez’s team went into a defensive panic, but managed to contain the avalanche ex officio and secure the point that assured salvation without relying on other results.

data sheet:

1 – Elche: Edgar Exquisite. Gosan, Rocco (Gonzalo Verde, 72 min), Magalan (Sheikh, 86 min), and Lautaro Blanco; Tite Morente, John, Jumbao, Fidel (Ponce, min. 83), Ntika (Peri Milla, min. 83) and Lucas Poyet.

1 – Cadiz: Conan Ledesma Eiza, Luis Hernandez, Merry, Pacha Espino; Bongonda (Vale, min. 58), Fede San Emetrio (Mbaye, min. 80), Escalante (José Mari, min. 80), Sobrino, Sergi Guardiola (Roger Martí, min. 52) and Chucho Lozano (Ivan Alejo, min. 58).

Goals: 0-1 min. 9: Escalante. 1-1, min: 71: Lucas Poyet.